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Best Spanish Shows on Netflix for Kids, Teens & Adults

Netflix Spanish Series and ShowRecommendations

Netflix Spanish Series and Show Recommendations

Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by Bilingual Kidspot

Spanish Shows on Netflix for Kids, Teens, & Adults

Netflix makes it easy to watch Spanish shows and movies any time you like and there are a great range of Spanish shows on Netflix for any age. Find below a list of the best Spanish movies and Netflix series in Spanish for kids, teens, adults and families!

Note that we are constantly updating this post as much as possible as we know Neflix shows change quite a bit. So check in for new recommendations when you can 🙂

Spanish Shows on Netflix

We have so many tools at our disposal to help get exposure to the Spanish language. One of those tools is Netflix. With so much international content and several language options, including Spanish, you can make sure your child’s (or your) entertainment content is one more way to emphasize the target language.

We have created a list of some of the best shows and movies on Netflix in Spanish and have broken them down to suit different audiences! You can find:

  • Spanish Shows on Netflix for Kids
  • Spanish Shows on Netflix for Teens
  • Spanish Shows on Netflix for Adults

If you need help on how to change the language settings for Netflix, see the bottom of this post which gives in detail instructions.

Remember that shows on Netflix may change, we will try to keep this list as updated as possible.

Spanish Shows on Netflix for Kids

There are plenty of popular Netflix series in Spanish that kids love. Here is a list of Spanish Shows on Netflix for young kids:

Spanish Shows on Netflix for Kids

1. Yohoo Al Rescate

This is hands-down my 2 and a healf year old’s favorite show. The song is stuck in my head in a proverbial loop! The plot centers around a group of friends who go to different places and help other furry friends. It’s just the right speed for the youngest!

2. Pocoyo

Set in a 3D space with a plain background, it is about a 4 year old name Pocoyo and his friends. The narrator explicitly speaks to the audience and the characters. It is very simple design and use of language are great for young learners.

3. Veggietales in the House

This show with Christian themes is really funny and entertaining for young children. The Spanish version is very well done and children of a wide range of ages find it enjoyable.

4. Porroro

Simple animations and dialogue make the story of Porroro the penguin extremely popular with young audiences.

5. Kazoops

This story is about Monty Kazoops, a 6 year old  with a vivid imagination, and his best friend and family pet, Jimmy Jones the pig.

6. Magic School Bus

Remember this one from when you were little? Well, both the classic and new versions are available on Netflix. It’s an extremely fun way to learn about science and you can even find some great curriculum to go along with it online!

7. Masha and The Bear

Originally in Russian, this cute series is available in Spanish and boy, are my kiddos glad. It’s simple language make it enjoyable even for beginners and no matter what language it’s in, my girls will just laugh and laugh with this one.

8. Tinkerbell

There is a whole series of Tinkerbell movies that introduce children to the magical world of Pixie Hollow, where fairies come from. The Spanish translation is really nice and this is one children will enjoy!

9. The Willoughbys

These siblings have been cursed with selfish parents, and they’ve got plans to send them on vacation. So many twists and turns, this movie is much more than it seems! And the Spanish translation is pretty nice too.

Best Spanish Movies for Kids

Spanish Shows on Netflix for Teens

If you have older ones, there is a range of Netflix series in Spanish. Find below a list of Spanish Shows on Netflix suitable for teenagers.

Spanish Shows on Netflix for Teens

10. Go, Live Your Own Way  (Vive a tú manera)

I must admit that I watched this one recently, all on my own. Can’t even use my girls as an excuse. It’s a teen story set in Argentina, and all though the accent is pretty strong, it’s easy to understand. It’s an extremely light-hearted and fun story about teenage musicians living in a boarding-school.

11. Go! La fiesta incredible

If you like the first Go!, you won’t want to miss out on this follow-up movie. The same fun characters come back with awesome music, dancing and the over-the-top antics they got up to in the first season.

12. Como caído del cielo

Mexican idol, Pedro Infante, has been detained in limbo for the past 60 years. He hasn’t been allowed to go to heaven, because he was a womanizer, but he had done a lot of good, so he hadn’t been sent to hell. He gets a second chance by taking on the personal of an infante impersonator, Pedro Guadalupe Ramos. Only by straightening Ramos’ life out, will he get a chance to go to heaven. Lighthearted comedy that is definitely worth the watch!

13. Siempre Bruja

Carmen Eguiluz is accused of witchcraft and is set to burn at the stake according to in 1646 colonial Colombia. She then time-travels to 2019. This show is great, because it has a strong female lead of color, however, the white master/black slave relationship is troublesome. It is definitely a point of departure for some great discussions, however.

14. Nailed It – España

Have you watched the popular reality t.v. show? If you like it, you’re in for a treat! Authentic language input and super interesting episodes!

15. Lo más sensillo es complicarlo todo

Renata has been in love with his brother’s best friend Leonardo for a long time. She discovers he has a girlfriend he plans to marry, and she has to do everything in her power to stop it. That’s when things get complicated! Fun, lighthearted story that will surely entertain.

16. La Esclava Blanca

“La esclava blanca”, tells the story of a woman who returns to Colombia to marry a prosperous merchant of the region. Unknown to the society around her, she had been rescued and raised in secret by slaves who became her family. After being taken from the hands of her loved ones and sent to Spain, Victoria returns to seek justice and free her family.

17. La Reina del Flow

After 17 years in prison for a crime she did not commit, Yeimy Montoya focuses on taking revenge on the man who stole her music and sent her to prison. 

18. Attitude Test

Four seniors in high school steal an important college entrance exam and go on vacation to “study,” but accidentally lose the exam while partying.

Spanish Shows on Netflix for Adults (Mature Audiences and R)

These movies and Netflix series in Spanish are not recommended for kids. Find below a list of Spanish Shows on Netflix for adults.

Spanish Shows on Netflix

19. Club the Cuervos

This story centers on the football club Cuervos FC, in a fictitious town in Mexico, and the struggle for power between two siblings after their father, and club owner, dies.

20. Las Chicas del Cable

This show takes place in a telecom company in Madrid In 1928, and centers around the life of four young women working there.  

21. Velvet

This feel-good story tells the tales of jealousy, love, drama and fashion that take place in a fashion house in late 50s Madrid.

22. La Reina del Sur

This telenovela based on a book by the same name chronicles the rise to power of a Mexican woman within the world of international drug trafficking.Elite
Three working-class kids join an exclusive school in Spain and drama and even murder ensure. This show deals with the regular issues facing high schoolers, but it also deals with sexuality and mystery.

23. Elite

Three working-class kids join an exclusive school in Spain and drama and even murder ensure. This show deals with the regular issues facing high schoolers, but it also deals with sexuality and mystery.

24. La Casa del Papel

Everyone I know has been watching “Money Heist,” which is about a group of robbers who plan to assault the Factory of Moneda and Timbre  and carry out the most perfect robbery in the history of Spain.

25. Bolivar

Highly recommended by my Venezuelan family, this telenovela tells a somewhat rose-colored telling of the life and times of South American liberator, Simon Bolivars. 

26. Carteristas

Teens learn to  be successful pickpockets from a master thief in Bogota, Colombia.

27. El Chapo

This series chronicles the rise, capture and eventual escape of the most known Mexican drug lord, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. Based on true events.

How to Change the Language Netflix

If you want to change your Netflix profile to Spanish follow the instructions below:

  • Go to Netflix.com and make sure you are logged in.
  • Select Manage Profiles.
  • Select the user profile you would like to change the language for.
  • Select your preferred default language from the menu.

If you want to change the Netflix language on a specific show or movie:

  • Open the program you want to watch on Netflix
  • Select options
  • Select your preferred language or subtitles.
  • Resume your program.

Netflix Spanish Series and Movies

These are some of my favorite available Spanish shows on Netflix. Did I miss something? I would love to hear your recommendations!

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Author: Keli Garcia Allen is a certified Spanish teacher, head of Content for Learn Safari and is currently working on Spanish Safari,  a Spanish Learning game for children 4-10 years old. Follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. 

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