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Best Spanish Toys for Babies, Toddlers & Young Kids | Bilingual Gift Ideas

Spanish Toys for Babies, Toddlers, Kids

Last Updated on June 11, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

Best Spanish Toys for Babies and Toddlers | Bilingual Gifts Ideas

Looking for Spanish toys for kids? We have compiled a fantastic list of Spanish toys for babies, toddlers, and young kids which will help teach your child about the Spanish language and culture. These Spanish toys make the perfect gift for any bilingual child.

Play is extremely important for a child’s language development. We all know that kids learn best through play. If you are trying to improve your child’s Spanish language skills, try some of these Spanish toys for toddlers, and young kids, and watch them grow!

If your child is learning Spanish, make sure to check out our Learn Spanish for Kids

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Best Spanish Toys for Toddlers Babies, and Young Kids

Spanish Letter Blocks

Letter blocks are one of the most popular Spanish toys for toddlers and can be used with kids from a very early age, starting with building, and then recognition of the alphabet. These Spanish Letter Blocks from Uncle Goose are very popular, or these Bilingual Blocks are also great as they show English and Spanish.

Spanish Speaking Toys

Spanish speaking toys are a great way for babies, toddlers and young kids to get exposure to Spanish. Things such as this English-Spanish Toddler Learning Tablet, this Musical Turtle Toy that sings ABC’s and other fun songs, or this Spanish Toy Piano for Toddlers.

Spanish Flashcards

Flashcards are great for helping toddlers recognise shapes, numbers, animals, and other objects.

For younger children I suggest the Spanish to English Ring Flashcards or Pre-school / Kindergarten Bilingual Flashcards.

For school aged children check out the Linguacious Spanish audio flashcards, or these Spanish Vocabulary flashcards.

Make sure to check out our post on activities and games you can play with flashcards so you have ideas on how to use them.

Spanish Games

Games and board games are super fun Spanish toys for toddlers and young kids. In fact we have a whole post dedicated to them: Spanish Games for Kids so make sure to check it out. Some of our favourites are included such as Spanish Bingo, or Loteria.


Puzzles are a great educational toy for kids and what better way to teach kids about the Spanish language and culture than with their own puzzle.

For toddlers check out these Wooden Vocabulary Puzzles or Matching Puzzles. This Wooden World Puzzle is also great for little ones to learn about the world.

For pre-schoolers or older children I recommend this Large world puzzle from Melissa and Doug, or this Continent Puzzle Pack.

Bilingual Memory Cards

Memory cards are great for the brain, and kids seem to love them! Play the memory game with a twist and make it bilingual. With English and Spanish memory cards, kids can match the words together helping their language skills. Check out this Memorama Game.

Spanish Speaking Doll or Puppet

The perfect Spanish toy for babies is a Spanish speaking doll or puppet. Immediately the child can be exposed to the Spanish language listening to the toy on a daily basis. You could really use any doll, or you could look at this Hispanic Doll, this Mexican Lola Doll.

Spanish Books

Bilingual Books Spanish and English
Habbi Habbi Spanish Books

Ok so books aren’t technically a toy, but they are a great educational gift for kids and the best thing to help kids learn languages. Board books are perfect for babies and toddlers. Here is a fantastic list of Spanish books for kids of all ages to choose from. You can also check out our list of Spanish board books for babies and toddlers too.

If you are looking for books with audio, check out the Habbi Habbi Bilingual Books in Spanish and English which have an audio reading wand. And also the Chameleon Reader, which allows you to create your own audio books in Spanish or any other language too!

Spanish Toys for kids

With this range of Spanish toys for toddlers and young kids, you should have plenty to choose from. Whether you are looking for Spanish toys for your own kids or looking for Spanish yous for kids as gifts, I hope you have found something suitable. If you have any other suggestions please let us know!

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