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How to Say “I Love You” in Spanish & Other Spanish Romantic Phrases

How to say I Love You in Spanish Language

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How to Say “I Love You” in Spanish & Other Spanish Romantic Phrases

Here you can learn how to Say “I Love You” in Spanish along with various other Spanish romantic phrases for loved ones.

Many Spanish-speaking cultures are known for their loving warmth. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the Spanish language is full of romantic phrases. Below we have put together a range of different ways to say I Love You in Spanish.

If you want to express feelings for a family member, friend, a loved one, there are plenty of ways to do it. You can also try out some of these Spanish romantic phrases to woo your Valentine with the most commonly spoken romance language in the world.

Below you can find the following:

  • 5 ways to say I Love You in Spanish
  • 10 Spanish Romantic Phrases
  • 7 Pet Names for your Loved One

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The Continuum of Love in Spanish

The first thing you need to know about Spanish romantic phrases is that in Spanish, love is not one size fits all.

In English, the word “love” is stretched and pulled in many different directions. We love chocolate, we love our kids, we love our significant others, and we love sunny days on the beach. Yet, we know that those feelings we are using the word love to express are not at all equal.

In Spanish, if you want to more accurately express these varying sentiments, there is a continuum of words that can be used to express the level of love you are feeling. This list goes in order from the deepest form of love to the simplest.

5 Ways to say I Love You in Spanish

Let’s start with some Spanish romantic phrases, here is a list of Spanish romantic phrases and different ways to say “I Love You” in Spanish.

How to say I Love You in Spanish Infographic

1. Te amo

Romantic love – te-ah-moh
Te amo is the deepest form of love and is used for romantic love, such as with your partner, or very close family relationships, such as between mother and child.

2. Te quiero

I love you family/friends – the-kyeh-roh
Te quiero is often used between family and friends. It is also used in newer romantic relationships that haven’t quite reached the “amor” level.

Yes, in Spanish you get to have the nerve wracking experience of professing your love for your boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time on three different levels. Blessing or a curse? You decide ;).

3. Me encantas

I love/adore you – meh-ehng-khan-tahs
Me encantas is the bridge between like and love, it’s dipping your toe into love but not making the commitment quite yet.

Without the s, this phrase can also be used with foods, objects or places. For example, you could say, “Me encanta el helado.” (I love ice cream.)

4. Me gustas

I like you romantically – meh-goos-tahs
Me gustas is the phrase you use to let someone know you are romantically interested in him or her.

Just like with “me encanta”, if you take off the s, you can also use the phrase “me gusta” to express other objects, places or ideas that you like. For example, “Me gusta la música” (I like music.)

Tip: Why does the s at the end make such a big difference? When the verb ends in an s it is in the “you” form. Without the s you are talking about a noun. Click here to find out more about verb conjugation.

5. Me caes bien

I like you, friendship – meh-kah-ehs-byehn
This phrase ends our love continuum because it isn’t really an expression of love at all but of tolerance and friendship.

If you want to tell someone that you enjoy spending time with them as a friend, you would say “me caes bien”. You would NOT use the phrase “me gustas” to let someone know you enjoy them as a friend. That would send a completely different message.

10 Spanish Romantic Phrases other than “I Love You”

Now onto the Spanish romantic phrases that you can use rather than saying the “I love you”.

Spanish Romantic Phrases Infographic

Once you have the love continuum down, you may want a bit more variety to express your feelings toward that special someone. Luckily, the Spanish language is full of additional Spanish romantic phrases.

1. Te adoro

I adore You – te-ah-dor-oh

2. Me fascinas

You fascinate me – meh-fah-see-nahs

3. Me vuelves loco/a

You drive me crazy – meh-bwehl-behs-loh-koh/kah

4. Me llamas la atención

I’m attracted to you – me-ya-mas-lah-ah-tehn-syohn

5. Me atraes

I’m attracted to you – me-ah-trah-es

6. Quiero andar contigo

I want to date you – kyeh-roh-ahn-dhar-kohn-tee-goh

The language of this phrase varies from country to country. Another option is, “Quiero salir contigo”.

7. Te necesito en mi vida

I need you in my life – te-ne-se-si-toh-ehn-mee-bee-dah

8. Estoy enamorado/a

I’m in love – aym-ihn-luhv

9. Eres mi vida

You are my life – eh-rehs-mee-bee-dah

10. Te amo con todo mi corazón

I love you with all my heart – te-ah-moh-kohn-toh-doh-mee-koh-rah-sohn

7 Romantic Nicknames in Spanish

In addition to ways to say I Love You in Spanish and other Spanish romantic phrases, the Spanish language also has a wide variety of pet names, or romantic nicknames you could use to refer to your loved ones.

1. Cariño

dear – kah-ree-nyoh

2. Mi amor

my love – mee-ah-mohr

3. Mi vida

my life – mee-bee-dah

4. Cielo

heaven/sky – syeh-loh

5. Tesoro

Treasure – teh-soh-roh

These last two aren’t really nicknames, but important labels to include while we are on the topic of Spanish romantic phrases:

6. Novio/a

boyfriend/girlfriend – noh-byoh/byah

7. Esposo/a

husband/wife – ehs-poh-soh/sah

If you want to ask someone to be your husband or wife you can say “¿Quieres ser mi novio/a?” or “¿Quieres ser mi esposo/a?”

The “o” ending is for males and the “a” ending is for females.

How to say “I Love You” in Spanish

Now that you know how to say I Love You in Spanish, you know some new Spanish romantic phrases, and other names in Spanish for loved ones, you are ready to go out and profess your love to that special someone.

Author: Vanessa Ruiz is a language lover who speaks Spanish and English

Ways to say I love you in Spanish

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