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Speech Blubs, Helping kids speak English and Spanish

Using Speech Blubs Speech Therapy App

Last Updated on February 4, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

Speech Blubs, Helping kids speak English and Spanish

Speech Blubs is an insanely fun speech therapy app designed to develop kids’ speech! Speech Blubs encourages children aged 1-6 to generate new sounds using facial and speech recognition technology. Activities inspire imitation of the kid “experts” in the app. So, kids teach kids.

Once your child is making sounds, the app uses entertaining and educational videos to help them make words and then sentences. Your child will be saying “mommy” and “daddy” in no time, and building their word banks to communicate in every situation!

Speech Blubs for Bilingual Kids

This speech app can be used by any child, however it is specifically designed to help toddlers, late talkers, and children with any speech problems to improve their speech.

Speech Blubs is also great for bilingual kids and is now available in English and Spanish. Children can learn both languages at once because when you subscribe you get access to Spanish and English versions. Just change the language preference on your phone or tablet.

There is even a free 1-week free trial you can download HERE.

FUN FACT: Though preschoolers and young children are using Speech Blubs, parents can benefit from it too and learn some English or Spanish with your kids.

Speech Blubs Activities

How does Speech Blubs Work?

Speech blubs is a face and voice activated app for kids that helps kid’s speech through play. The educational videos and voice recognition technology encourages children to vocalise, and generate new sounds.

Video modelling – A science-based practice!

Speech Blubs consists of a video recording of a child “expert” performing the desired behavior. Children observe other kids in videos, which triggers their mirror neurons, which starts the imitation process.  It has been proven that children prefer to mimic their peers rather than adults so this is why it works so well.

Lots of fun speech-inducing activities!

Speech Blubs constantly updates its activities in 25 themed sections. It has been developed to provide screen time that won’t annoy or worry you, although your kids may have a hard time putting the app down.

All of the content, including voice-controlled exercises, videos, mini-games, and more is based on suggestions and feedback provided by 100s of kids, parents, teachers, and speech therapists.

Speech Blubs Features:

  • 1,500 children-led video activities
  • 300+ role-playing facial filters
  • 1000+ educational fun videos
  • Voice and Speech recognition
  • Stickers
  • Mini-games
  • Guessing games
  • Riddles and puzzles
  • Songs
  • Sentence-building

TIP 1: To get you started, there are some great interactive guides, but you can also try some activities from those most frequently chosen by children in the Sing-along, Animal Kingdom, Yummy Time, and Toy Box sections.

TIP 2:  Fill out the in-depth questionnaire. Gain insight on which areas your child could improve! 100k kids are screened every month! This might give you the first solid information about your child’s communication skills.

Join the Speech Blubs Community

Over one million parents from over 50 countries already use Speech Blubs for their child’s development and have downloaded Speech Blubs.

What’s more, is that Speech Blubs have a strong community on both Facebook and Instagram. They host Instagram Live events, post educational informative nuggets, interact with parents, and feature ambassadors – satisfied parents who share their success stories using Speech Blubs.

Speech Blubs’ Free Trial

Boost Child's Speech App

Parents are naturally wary of screen time for their kids, and especially apps claiming to be the next big thing. That’s why you can try Speech Blubs without any obligation. Take the 7-day free trial out for a spin and get full access to all content and enough time to test it out.

Get your child a head start with Speech Blubs and download it HERE, or visit our website www.speechblubs.com for more information.

Speech Blubs Speech Therapy App in English & Spanish

*This article was written in partnership with Speech Blubs

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