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Linguacious Audio Enhanced Flashcards| Available in 30 Languages

Linguacious Multilingual Flashcards

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Vocabulary Flashcards For Kids and Adults

A review of Linguacious Spanish Flashcards for kids and adults. These are also available in 30 different languages and in several topics.

Flashcards are a great way to introduce and learn vocabulary of a new language whether you are learning yourself or trying to teach kids. There are plenty of different flashcards on the market and they are quite easy to find. Most flashcards will have an image of an object with the word written above or below. You look at the picture, and read the word to associate the two . Pretty standard across the board.

But what about children who can’t read yet? And what about parents who can’t read what the word says because they are not a native speaker of the language?

That is where the multi-award-winning Linguacious flashcards are different. With the help of the Linguacious free app, you can scan a QR code on each flashcard to listen to the sound of a native speaker say the word, so you know exactly how to pronounce it. This allows children (and parents) to practice all four different skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking) independently.

And with over 10 fun games to play along with the flashcards, kids can have fun while learning new vocabulary in their target language. Find below our review of the Linguacious Spanish Flashcards and Bilingual Books.

Linguacious Multilingual Flashcards Review

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Linguacious Spanish Flashcards Review

We are always looking for new language resources to try with our kids, especially Spanish, as I am not a native speaker. We have plenty of Spanish books, and we have other Spanish flashcards too. The problem is that my pronunciation is terrible, and I can’t actually read in Spanish. So, I don’t always know if we are learning correctly. I rely on my 7 year old who speaks some Spanish, but isn’t fluent.

The creator of Linguacious (who has a PhD in language learning, and is raising two trilingual children of his own) sent us out the “Around the Home” Spanish flashcards to review, and we have been using them over the past couple of weeks. They are a fantastic resource for parents at home, but also in the classroom for learning Spanish vocabulary. The flashcards also come in other versions including: Animals, Food and Drinks, and Colours, Numbers, Shapes, with new topics being released soon.

So how do these Spanish Vocabulary Flashcards work?

The “Around the Home” Spanish Flashcards look like your standard pack of playing cards with 52 cards in a pack and one of the four suits in each corner of the card (diamond, spade, club, heart). The suits also come in different colours and these elements are important for several of the games that kids can play with the flashcards.

The size of them makes it easy for children to hold multiple cards in one hand, and gives the ability to play in a small space, or bring them with you while you are on the go.

On one side of the flashcard you have an image, and on the other side you have the word. This is perfect because it makes users recall the word from memory.  This is different from many other flashcards as most have both the image and the word on the same side meaning that children do not have to try to guess the word by looking at the image, since the answer is already there.

Another thing that sets these Spanish flash cards apart from others is the QR code on each side which can be scanned on your device. You can download the FREE Linguacious scanning app in less than a minute. Then you scan the code to hear the voice of a native speaker pronouncing the word in Spanish.

How to play with the Linguacious Flashcards

You can basically use the Linguacious flashcards as you do with any other flashcards but because these have the sound factor, you can do much more.

Linguacious offer a range of fun and interactive games to play with their language flashcards which you can find on their website.

There are detailed instructions on how to play each game. Choose a new game each day to keep it interesting.

Spanish Games for Kids using Flashcards

Linguacious Bilingual Books (Little Polyglot Series)

Several of the flashcards also come as children’s books (paperback, hardcover and as a PDF file). The most important difference between the flashcards and the books is that while the flashcards are monolingual (no English translations used at all), the books are bilingual, with the written word AND the audio in both English and the foreign language. Here is an example from the Chinese Bilingual Book.

Bilingual Books with Audio - Chinese

Linguacious Flashcards in other Languages?

This review is of the Linguacious Spanish vocabulary flashcards, however these flashcards are actually available in 30 languages at the moment. You can find major languages like French, Mandarin, German, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese and Italian, but also languages such as Greek, Bosnian, Hebrew, Swedish, Irish Gaelic, Kurdish, Hungarian, Yup’ik (Alaskan native language) and Vietnamese.

We also have a pack of the Chinese flashcards which we have also been using as well. They are great because they have both the Chinese characters and Pinyin writing. The pinyin is color-coded for tone, which helps acquisition tones in Chinese. Again, to listen to a native speaker pronouncing the words, simply scan the QR code on each card.

Where can I purchase the Linguacious Flashcards?

You can purchase the Linguacious flash cards and bilingual books in 30 languages easily HERE ON AMAZON. Get 10% off using the code: BLKIDSPOT. You can find Linguacious on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Whichever language you are learning, or trying to teach your children, these flashcards, and these books, will be a valuable resource to your language library.

*Bilingual Kidspot partnered with Linguacious for the purpose of this Spanish Flashcards Review, however all opinions are our own.

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