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Chameleon Reader Review: DIY Bilingual Audio Book for Kids

Audio Book for Kids - Chamelon Reader DIY

Last Updated on March 2, 2022 by Bilingual Kidspot

Chameleon Reader: Create Your Own Bilingual Audio Books

Now you can create your own audio books for kids that can be read in multiple languages. with the Chameleon Reader! Bilingual books for kids have never been so much fun! Check out our review of this brand new resource for multilingual kids!

Being a multilingual family, we are always looking for new language resources to make life easier. And we may have just found one of the best resources for families with bilingual and multilingual kids.

We love books, and have a whole library of them. Our kids also love audio books too, especially our little one who is only just starting to read.

However, the problem we have is that they want to read the same books in different languages!

I don’t want to have to purchase the same book in multi languages. Not only would that be costly, but it would also take up a lot of space!

So, I was really excited about the Chameleon Reader which has solved this problem for us!

A DIY Audio book creator for kids, where you can record voices in multiple languages telling the same story.

Read our review of the Chameleon Reader below.

DIY Audio Books for Kids - Bilingual

Chameleon Reader Review

Imagine you could make all of your child’s books bilingual, or multilingual. That your child could read any of their books, in any language they like, whenever they like, independently.

Well, now they can with this DIY multilingual audio book creator for kids.

The Chameleon Reader is an audio book creator where you can record a story in up to four languages, so it is perfect for making bilingual books for kids.

You can record your voice, and other voices of family members or friends, in multiple languages telling the same story.

After you have set up the recordings, your child simply clicks on the language they want to read in, and clicks on each page or paragraph to listen to the audio.

Your child can then listen to their favourite stories whenever they like in the language they choose!

It doesn’t stop their either, the Chameleon Reader can also be used on flashcards, posters, or any other teaching resources.

Getting extra language exposure has never been so easy for kids!

Use the code “Bilingualkidspot” to get your free accessories!

Chameleon Reader Review

We are constantly looking for new and exciting resources to make it easier for our children to get more language exposure. When we were sent the Chameleon Reader for review, we were really keen to check it out.

We love reading, and we love audio books and the kids absolutely love the Chameleon Reader!

Setting it all up doesn’t take long at all, depending on how many books you want to use.

Chameleon Reader DIY Audio book for kids

The instructions in the package are quite straight forward. There are chameleon stickers that you place on each page. Then a language pallet. And, of course you need to record your voice telling the story.

You can record a page at a time, or for longer books you can record each paragraph.

It’s quite easy. Within about 30 minutes, my kids were already listening to one of their favourite books in English and Italian independently.

Click here to check out our Instagram to see how we use the Chameleon Reader!

Chameleon Reader Features

There are so many great features of the Chameleon Reader that I could go on and on. However here are a few ways this product can help your child’s language development:

  • Encourages Independent Reading
    The audio plays from the Chameleon Reader when it touches the chameleon stickers in your books. So your child controls which page or paragraph they are reading and can do so at their own pace.
  • Engaging toy screen free
    This is a screen free toy and encourages your child to read books. Sound, pictures and text come together instantly, which engages your child in the book.
  • Anyone can be the author
    Mum, dad, grandma, aunt, friend, or teacher, anyone can record their voice on this audio book tool to enhance any literary material. Even for non multilingual families, different family members can record voices, so if it is someone who lives far away, kids can always hear their voice 🙂
  • Add MP3 files from a computer
    Add music, songs, or any other audio to your Chameleon Reader

Audio Books for Kids

The perfect tool for creating DIY audio books for kids is now available. This audio book creator is sure to be an important asset for your multilingual home and we couldn’t recommend it enough.

To purchase your own Chameleon Reader, or find out more head to the WEBSITE. Use the code Bilingualkidspot and you will receive a freebie to go with your order! (Either a card album, some additional stickers, or a coupon).

DIY Audio Book Chameleon Reader Review

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