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25+ Spanish Board Books for Babies & Toddlers

Spanish books for babies and toddlers

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Spanish Books for Babies & Toddlers

A fantastic list of Spanish Books for Babies and Toddlers. These Board books in Spanish are perfect for little hands! Make sure to check out our Learn Spanish for Kids series with more Spanish resources for kids!

Books are one of the most valuable gifts you can give a child. There are so many benefits of reading.

We are always on the lookout for wonderful Spanish board books for our kids. We have gone through piles and piles of books from libraries, local bookstores, international bookstores, and of course, Amazon

Below is a list of our favorite “hidden gems” that you can find online.

These are the Spanish books for toddlers and babies that our kids are consistently asking us to read to them, and not surprisingly, are the ones that we have the most fun reading to them.  They have beautiful, colorful images, simple and clear phrases, and are highly interactive. We hope you love them as much as we do! 

Spanish Board Books for Babies and Toddlers

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Spanish Books For Babies and Toddlers

Veo  Veo by Antonio Rubio and Óscar Villán

Veo Veo - Spanish board book for toddlers

This whole collection of Spanish board books “De la Luna a la Cuna”  from the publisher Kalandraka is a wonderful first set of books for the Spanish learner.  The books are very simple with short rhyming verses.  This particular one is about 2 moons that go for a walk together and play the game “Veo, veo” – essentially, I spy.

Perfect for babies and toddlers, this Spanish board book is super fun and has simple illustrations that you can use to help your kids learn their first Spanish words.  

Our other favorites in this series include Cocodrilo for learning colors, Limón for learning fruits, and Miau for learning the animal sounds.  Limón is also the first book that our toddler could “read” (or memorize because of its simplicity).   In fact, the books are simple enough to memorize that we often recite lines when we see something in our environment that reminds us of them (lemons, the moon, etc).
Find it online here or see the series here

Si yo fuera un camaleon by Ana Galan and Mariana Nemitz

Si Yo Fuere un Camaleon - Spanish board book for babies and toddlers

The si yo fuera series is another great set of Spanish board books for toddlers. Each book describes what it would be like to be a certain animal. 

These books combine beautiful photos with illustrations, and they have fun prompts for questions to ask your little ones or activities to do as you go through the book (e.g., stick out your tongue like a chameleon, count your fingers, etc).  

The series includes other animal books – we have tried the lion and koala ones, and we love them all.
Find it online here

Por el camino by Mariana Ruiz Johnson

Porel Camino - Spanish book for kids

This is a great Spanish board book to help kids learn to count to 10.  It tells the story of animals that are on their way to a whale’s birthday party.  With beautiful illustrations with many items for kids to identify, it also has rhyming verses making it more fun for kids, parents and caretakers to read aloud.

We always take advantage of the end of the story to sing the birthday song in Spanish to the birthday whale.
Find it online here

Mis Primeras Canciones de Animales by Jimena de la Vega

Mis Primeras Canciones de Animales - Spanish board book for babies and toddlers

Mis Primeras Canciones is another great pick for native and non-native speakers because of its built-in audio component.  This Spanish board book for babies and toddlers has six different traditional Spanish songs about animals. 

Each page has a sensor that your little one can touch to play a song while they observe the illustrations and accompanying lyrics.  

It is a wonderful Spanish baby book that kids can grow with.  When they are just babies, they can use it as a regular board book or listen to the songs with their parents.  As they get a bit older, they learn to touch the buttons, dance and even sing-along. 

Our toddler loves to sing La Vaca Lola and dance to El Baile de la Ranita.  A book of lullabies is also available with favorite songs like Arroró mi niño and duerme ya, and it is great for winding down before bed.
Find it online here

El pastel está tan arriba by Susanne Straber

El Pastel Esta Tan Arriba - Spanish board book for kids

This board book for toddlers wasn’t originally published in Spanish, but it’s a solid translation.  It tells the story of a bear who sees a delicious cake in the window and enlists the help of his other animal friends to get it. 

This story is a fun read because of all of the repetition and the anticipation of the cake.  It helps kids pick up their animal words and has a lot of fun parts to act out like jumping and falling.
Find it online here

Good morning, Buenos días by Meritxell Martí and Xavier Salomó

Good morning Buenos Dias - Spanish book for kids

This is a fun interactive Spanish book for toddlers that can help them learn how to say buen día to everyone and everything around. 

It is a bilingual board book in English and Spanish and has tabs that kids can learn to slide on each page.  Great for developing dexterity!  This one also has a buenas noches version.

Toca Toca, Libro Juegos by Fiona Land

Toca Toca Libro Juego - Spanish board book

Another great series of touch and learn board books for toddlers. These Spanish board books include a lot of wonderful textures, colors, shapes and even reflecting pages that kids can interact with as they learn their first words and develop a love for books.

The series includes  a book about families,  Buenas Noches book, and a book for counting, among others.  We have two books from this series, and they make an appearance at bedtime every few weeks with great success.
Find it online here

El Monstruo de Colores by Ana Llenas

El Monstro de colores - Spanish book for babies and toddlers

This is a fantastic board book in Spanish for toddlers who are learning to express their emotions.  The color monster is confused by all of his emotions and throughout the book learns what each one is. 

The story’s sweet ending always makes me smile. It is available as a board book or hardcover for older kids.
Find it online here

Y el domingo by Teresa Porcella and Carmen Queralt

Y el domingo? Spanish book for toddlers

We love this Spanish baby book that helps kids learn the days of the week through fun stories of what different animals are doing each day.  The book has flaps that toddlers can interact with, fun rhyming verses, and a sweet ending.

The best part is that the book comes with a QR code that allows you to download a fun audio version.  We love the audio accompaniment for families with non-native speakers! Another in this series is De noche y de día.
Find it online here

Canticos Series – Ratoncitos by Susie Jaramillo

Canticos Spanish Book Set for babies and toddlers

This is a fun board book for toddlers based on a very catchy Spanish nursery rhyme about five little mice. The song is so catchy that we sing it every night before bed. 

This board book is bilingual in English and Spanish, and the cool folding format allows the Spanish text to be on one side and the English text to be on the other. 

Finally, you can download an accompanying app that sings or reads the book to you in English or Spanish.  It’s a great resource for non-native speakers.  Other books by Canticos include Elefantitos, Los Pollitos, and Mi Burrito.
Find it online here or see the whole series here

Tina juega al escondite by Jannie Ho

Tina Juega al Escondite - Spanish board book for babies and toddlers

When searching for Spanish books, we try to find those that will grab our kids’ attention, and the pull tabs on this book do just that.  This is a fun and interactive board book that follows the story of Tina, the cat, who is playing hide-and-seek with her friends. 

Another one in this series is Pequeño Buba busca a su elefante.  This is one of the most well loved and worn out books in our home, so much so, that it is probably time to get another copy.
Find it online here

Mar Adentro by Kenny Rettore

Mar Adentro - Spanish baby book

The perfect Spanish baby book for the littlest readers, Mar Adentro is a great first fabric book.  It has a soft cover, interior flaps and let’s kids discover what is hidden beneath the sea. 

There’s something super calming about seeing a little one play with these fabric books.
Find it online here

Spanish Baby Books and Spanish Board Books for Toddlers

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Spanish books for Toddlers and Babies

Author: Marina is a mother of two young multilingual children. She hopes to help cultivate a love for language and culture for her multilingual kids. She and her husband create Lufi & Friends music books that make learning a second language even more fun.

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