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10 Korean Cartoons and Animated Shows in Korean for Kids

Tobot (또봇) Korean Cartoons for Kids

Last Updated on June 17, 2019 by Bilingual Kidspot

The Best Korean Cartoons for Kids

A list of the best Korean Cartoons for Kids as well as animated shows in Korean. Here you can find original cartoons in Korean as well as cartoons which are popular in Korea that have been translated from other languages.

Korean Cartoons

Learning Korean is no easy task especially as an adult. For kids, however, picking up this language shouldn’t be so difficult as long as they have the desire to learn it. The best way to learn any new language is to implement a holistic approach. For kids, this means exposing them to the language as much as you can through platforms that will engage them.

How Korean Cartoons and Animated Series Can Help Kids Learn Korean

Cartoons are a great way to support a child’s language learning and give more exposure to the language. They can be especially helpful for kids if you plan on travelling to Korea.

Luckily, there are a ton of Korean cartoons out there for kids to enjoy. While only watching these cartoons won’t make your kids fluent in Korean, they are a great way to introduce and reinforce new vocabulary for those learning the language.

Here are our picks for the best Korean cartoons for kids:

Top 10 Korean Cartoons for Kids

Pororo the Little Penguin (뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로)

Pororo the Little Penguin (뽀롱뽀롱 뽀로로) Korean Cartoon

One of, if not the most, popular cartoons in South Korea is Pororo the Little Penguin. Even though this show is targeted at children ages 4-7, older teens are often spotted with Pororo merchandise. This show is about Pororo, a penguin, and his friends. They all live and solve challenges together in Porong Porong Forest on a snowy island.

Make sure to check out this YouTube channel where you can find tons of episodes of this Korean cartoon.

Tobot (또봇)

Tobot (또봇) Korean Cartoons for Kids

Another South Korean cartoon series is Tobot, which is about car that can turn into robots similar to the well-known Transformers franchise in the United States. In Tobot, an inventor creates Tobots, which are sentient robots that can disguise themselves as cars. The inventor’s twin sons are given two Tobots and together, they protect their neighborhood by fighting crime.

Tobot can found here on their very own YouTube channel.

Super Wings (출동! 슈퍼윙스)

Super Wings (출동! 슈퍼윙스) Cartoon in Korean for Kids

In this South Korean cartoon, the main character, Jett, is a jet plane whose mission is to deliver packages to children all around the world. His friends, the ‘Super Wings’ help him whenever a problem comes up, and together, they make a great team. This series is fun for kids and will definitely help them to improve their Korean.

Catch Super Wings online on this YouTube channel.

Octonauts (옥토넛)

Octonauts-옥토넛-1 - Korean Cartoon

Octonauts is British children’s show about a group of animals that live in the Octopod, their undersea base. They go on undersea adventures together and encounter creatures and environments that are based off real life animals and their habitats. The series is ongoing, so don’t worry if your kids go through all the episodes.

Head on over to the Korean Octonauts YouTube channel to watch this cartoon.

Robocar Poli (로보카 폴리)

Robocar Poli (로보카 폴리)

Robocar Poli is another South Korean cartoon that centers on a rescue team in Brooms Town led by Poli, a robotic police car. There are other robotic cars on the team like Amber, the ambulance, and Roy, the fire truck. There’s even a helicopter and one human member. This rescue team uses their individual strengths to help people in trouble in their town.

You can find tones of Robocar Poli videos here on Youtube.

Peppa Pig (페파피그)

Peppa Pig (페파피그) - Korean Kids Cartoon

A widely popular animated series across many countries, Peppa Pig is a great cartoon to use for building Korean vocabulary. The show focuses on Peppa and her family and their day-to-day lives. There are not really any adventures or solving problems, so it’s a good show to introduce daily words in Korean.

To watch Peppa Pig, just go to their Korean YouTube channel.

BabyBus (베이비버스)

BabyBus (베이비버스)

Although BabyBus is originally from China, the videos can be found in a bunch of different langauges including Korean. Rather than a typical animated series, BabyBus offers nursey rhymes, stories, and other children’s songs. Songs are a great way to learn a new language, so I highly recommend showing BabyBus to your kids!

Find BabyBus on their own YouTube channel

PJ Masks (출동! 파자마 삼총사)

PJ Masks (출동! 파자마 삼총사)

PJ Masks is about three young kids who gain superpowers when they put on their pajamas. Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette make up this team of superheroes and together they fight crime while learning important lessons along the way. They always wait until night time to change into their pajamas so that they don’t get discovered by anyone.

You can head over to this YouTube channel to watch this fun kids cartoon in Korean.

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (미라큘러스:레이디버그와블랙캣)

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir (미라큘러스:레이디버그와블랙캣)

This show is also about superheroes, but this time, the main characters are Marinette and Adrien who turn into Ladybug and Cat Noir when they activate their Miraculous. The Miraculous are jewels that give the wearer special powers along with the help of kwamis, ancient creatures. Ladybug has the power of creation while Cat Noir has the power of destruction. Together, they team up to protect Paris from Hawk Moth, the main villain.

Luckily, you can catch all of the episodes of this Korean cartoon for kids on YouTube here.

Dooly (아기공룡 둘리)

Dooly (아기공룡 둘리)

An official citizen of South Korea, Dooly is a baby dinosaur with special powers from the experimentation done on him when he was kidnapped by aliens. He gets found by a Korean family and spends his time with the two children whilst avoiding the father who hates him. This is an older Korean cartoon, but a classic nonetheless, so it would be a great way to introduce Korean words to children.

Unfortunately, this is the only cartoon on our list that isn’t as easy to find. However, just type in ‘Dooly Korean’ or ‘아기공룡 둘리’ on YouTube, and you’ll be able to find some episodes.

Dooly: just search Dooly Korean or 아기공룡 둘리 on YouTube

Korean Cartoons for Kids

Regardless of what you decide to let your kids watch, Korean cartoons are a sure way to improve their learning. We hope that you found our list of Korean cartoons for kids helpful and that your children love these cartoons for years to come. Let us know if we missed one of your favorite Korean cartoons!

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Korean Cartoons for Kids

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