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10 ESL English Learning Websites for Students & Young Kids

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10 ESL English Learning Websites

Find below a list of the best ESL websites for students and young kids. We have included some fantastic Free English Learning Websites as well as some popular paid sites. If you are looking for ESL kids resources make sure to take a look at our main page Learn English for Kids.

ESL for Kids: English Learning Websites for Students and Young Kids

Want to teach your kids English? It can be difficult to keep kids engaged when learning a second language. Luckily with technology we have access to a number of ESL recourses to help.

Children learn best when they don’t realise they are actually learning. Therefore it is important that they learn in an enjoyable atmosphere so they continue to keep their desire for learning alive. Learning English through games and activities is one of the best ways to keep them engaged.

Below is a list of ESL websites that will help children of all different ages learn English. The list goes into detail on some paid ESL websites but also free English learning websites too. Have a read through, click on the links to check out the websites and see which site will best cater to your child’s needs.  

Paid English Learning Websites For ESL Learners

A list of English Learning Websites for kids and students with a fee or subscription.

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an English website that helps children ages 4-13 learn how to read. This specialised program uses interactive methods to keep children’s attention through the use games, song, dance and a reward system that keeps children coming back for another session.

This is a paid English learning website but is highly popular and used with young students in many school curriculum. The first month using Reading Eggs is free, so you can give it ago to see if it works for your child.

ABC Mouse Learning Academy

Educational Games for 2-8 Year Olds

This English learning website goes above and beyond to help young learners in areas of Math, Science, Art and reading. Children are able to learn in a fun way through puzzles, games, songs, books, animation as well as offering many printable worksheets to use at home.

ABC Mouse is geared towards 2-8-year old’s, they allow a free trial for the first month and every month after that is 9.95. With all great curriculum in different areas, ABC Mouse is huge asset for early learners.
Try your First Month Free – HERE here!

Highlights Kids

Highlights Kids - ESL website

Originally founded as a children’s learning magazine, Highlights has grown into a well-organized and cultured leaning platform for children. Highlights Kids focuses on helping children anywhere from age 0-12. They now offer games, websites, mobile apps and book clubs.

On the free website they offer podcasts, games, jokes, activities, quizzes, and so much more. Perhaps the coolest aspect of this website for kids is that they can submit their work to be featured on the website!

Highlights also posts great articles, tip and games to their blog for parents to read. If your children enjoy the website, there is always an option to subscribe to the magazine and have activities sent to your home.
See website here


ABCya - ESL website

This English learning website for students offers 6 free games or a subscription for every month, every 6 months or yearly between 6-10 dollars a month that gains access to over 250 games.

ABCYa gears their content towards children ranging from pre-K to Grade 6+. This website teaches children a variety of different lessons from math, science, history and more using games and activities. The courses are created by grade level which allows children to practice reading, strategy, listening and more.
See website here

Free English Learning Websites for ESL Learners

Learn English Kids – British Council

British Council Free ESL website for kids

What we love about this English learning website is that it’s free! The British Council is great for many ages. They help kids aged 5-12 but also have a teen program for later years when your child is older.

Learn English Kids is great for both children and parents. The children will have many options of learning including vocabulary, grammar, writing, spelling, punctuation as well as games to learn in a fun and interactive way. Learn English Kids also has plenty of worksheets, flashcards, crafts and coloring pages. For the parents, they offer support, articles on many topics to help your children, videos on using English at home and face-to-face courses.
See website here

ESL Games

ESL Games - Free English website for kids

This This completely free English learning website offers an abundance of games for children ages 4-12. ESL Games provides children with animated videos, worksheets and games that teach grammar, spelling and communication skills. They also offer games for math and science as well as printable games to play with the entire family.
See website here


Duolingo - Free Language Learning Website for Kids

This free English learning website and app is geared towards children who are older than 13. It is a great way for older kids to practice reading, listening, speaking and their writing skills in an interactive way.

Duolingo’s lessons are full of fundamental methods, it tracks how you are learning, gives you feedback when you get an answer wrong and keeps your child motivated with a lives system where if you lose all your lives, you must start over.

Duolingo also have numerous other languages to learn on their free website.
See website here

Games to Learn English

Games to Learn English - ESL website for kids

Games to Learn English is a free English learning website that has been helping low level and beginner level English learners practice vocabulary, reading, listening and speaking since 2010.

This website focuses on learning through games such as spelling bees, time races, hang man and much more. Children can practice their alphabet, math skills and communication. All files are in PDF form that can be downloaded to complete on your computer or printed off for children to complete at home.
See website here.


Manythings - Free ESL website for kids

ManyThings is a free ESL website geared towards many different ages that provides mobile and computer recourses to learn English using interactive games. Recommended towards beginner learners of an older crowd, this website has a variety of leaning tools for different subjects.

They offer reading recourses in American history, health, Biographies, and content on places in the world. Many Things has listening audio as well as video content where you can listen and repeat to gain extra practice.
See website here

Literacy Center

Literacy Centre - English learning website for kids

Literacy Center is a free English learning website that helps preschool aged children learn the alphabet, numbers, shapes and writing. It can be duel language learning in Spanish, French and German. Literacy Center allows printable worksheets to practice what your child has learned more than once, or your child can do them completely from a computer.
See website here.

ESL Websites for Kids

Do you know any other paid or free English learning Websites for students and young kids? Let us know which you have tried!

Looking for more ESL resources? Check out our Learn English for Kids page.

ESL English learning websites for kids

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