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15 French Books for Kids with Music Audio – (For Young Kids & Toddlers)

French Books for young Kids with Audio

15 French Books for Kids with Music Audio – (For Young Kids & Toddlers)

When children learn a language two of the most important resources you can provide them with are books and music.

Below you can find a list of French books for kids with audio, perfect for toddlers and young children.

These French children’s books help kids learn French through music.

Childrens Books in French with Audio

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French Children’s Books with Audio

As a Mother currently studying French, I seek audio resources whenever possible. One of the best ways to learn a new language is through music.

Not only do you get to hear the pronunciation, but compared to conversational language, the vocals in songs are typically slower, as well as repetitive and catchy.

Here’s a list of my favorite books I’ve encountered thus far, all of which come with either accompanying CD, or even better, sound directly in the book that little ones can find and listen to all on their own!

French Books for Kids with Audio

1. Un Deux Trois: First French Rhymes

Un deux Trois First French Rhymes for kids

The perfect French book with audio to start teaching your child the French language. This French book for kids, accompanied with a cd contains 25 traditional nursery rhymes that children will love. Featuring simple words and phrases that are easy to learn and that can be used in games or everyday life.

Parents and children can read along and repeat the phrases and sing along with the rhymes. The included music CD lets them know how both should sound, and there is a guide for parents translates more difficult phrases.

2. Teach me everyday French Volume 1

Teach me every day French

This French book for children combines traditional French nursery rhymes, translations of American nursery rhymes, and audio of a child speaking incorporating common vocabulary such as the family, days of the week, daily schedule, the alphabet, etc.

3. Mes petits imagiers sonores

Mes comptines-french-kids-book

A delightful series of French Children’s books by Gallimard Jeunesse Musique. Two of the books we own are Mes petits imagiers sonores and Mes comptines, each of which includes 6 classic nursery rhymes which babies and toddlers can press to hear, such as L’araignee Gypsie, Petit escargot, Pomme de reinnete et pomme d’api, les petites marionnettes, and La barbichette.

4. Songs in the Shade of the Flamboyant Tree 

Songs in the shade of the flamboyant tree

This French book for kids with audio contains 30 traditional French Creole songs recorded with indigenous acoustic instruments, performed by women, men, and children.  This collection of tunes are an absolute delight for musical ears.

5. Mes jolies comptines a ecouter

Mes Petites compitenes french book for kids

Another lovely French book for kids with accompanying CD featuring various French children’s songs that are great to sing along to.

6. Mes plus belles chansons de France

Mes plus belles Chansons de France

Similar to above, this is another book that includes an accompanying CD of traditional French children’s songs, including in the voices of both adults and children. 

7. Les amis de Gilda la girafe

Les noveaux amis de gilda la girafe

Want to teach your child the animals in French? This fantastic children’s French book features 15 songs on the accompanying CD, each dedicated to a different zoo animal. A great choice for animal lovers.

8. Teach me French / Joyeux Noel

Teach me French Joyex Noel Christmas songs

Enjoy singing Christmas songs with your kids in English and French! This children’s book includes an accompanying audio CD as well as cultural notes and stories with beautiful illustrations. 

9. Mes premieres chansons, Mes premieres berceuses, Comptines et jeux de doigts

Mes premieres chansons - French books for kids with audio

These are the perfect French books for toddlers and are available as board books. Kids press the button and hear the song. I haven’t tried the Kindle version yet, but find it exciting that there is this option for those who do prefer e-books!

10. Usborne Listen and Learn First French Words

Usborne Listen and Learn French words for Kids

Looking for something hands on? This French children’s book teaches kids their very first words in French using large cards with French vocabulary. You pick a page and place it in the insert and the child can touch each term and hear the pronunciation. Your child has to be patient enough to let you place the page in the insert, or have the dexterity to do it themselves, so best for elementary aged kids or older.

11. The Usborne French Songbook for Beginners

Usborne French Song Book for Kids

This French book for kids is great for music enthusiasts. The book has French folk songs, nursery tunes, and Christmas carols, with lyrics in French and re-spelled phonetically for singers, as well as background information on their meaning and history and accompanying instrumental music notes.

12. French for Children with Three Audio Cds

French for Children with audio

This is such a great program for children to learn to read in French. There is a comprehensive paperback book full of stories and high yield info in addition to a smaller workbook with games and puzzles. There are three CDs that include speaking activities and songs. The topics covered are as introductory as possible including vocabulary for basic concepts such as greetings, family, house, and hobbies.

13 French Favorite Kids Songs and Rhymes: A Mama Lisa Book

French Kids Songs and Rhymes for Kids

Over 50 classic French children’s songs, including lyrics, accompanying English translation, and link to online audio and other resources including videos.

14. Mes premieres comptines d’animaux

Mes Premieres Chansons

Another touch button French book for toddlers. This one includes samples of the music that the children can hear by pressing a button on the book, as well as an accompanying CD to dive into depth for even more music. There are other books in this series with different themes, such as Mes premieres comptines de Noel and Mes premieres comptines du monde.

15 T’choupi chante les premieres comptines- Thierry Courtin- 

T'Choupli Chante Les Premieres Comptines

You can find the songs included on the cover of this one, but they are again, classics easily recognizable after just a short time of studying French for children! This is another book where the toddler can just press the sound button and the book is battery operated rather than with CD.

French Books for Young Children and Toddlers

We hope you love these Children’s French books with audio and have fun singing along with your kids for years to come.

If you have any other French audio books for kids that you love, let us know!

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French Books for Kids with Audio

Author: Alexis D is a language lover and part-time stay at home Mom to two young children . Alexis speaks English, Spanish, and some French. She shares her love of language and books on her website.

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