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100 Hindi Words and Basic Phrases for Kids (& Adults)

Learn Hindi 100 words and phrases

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100 Hindi Words and Basic Phrases your kids need to know

Want to learn Hindi or teach your child the Hindi language? Here are 100 Hindi phrases and basic words in Hindi for kids (and adults) that you can learn now.

These basic phrases and words in Hindi are useful and most likely to come up in day to day situations.

What’s more is, if you are planning on visiting India, these Hindi phrases can take you a long way!

TIP: Mix and match some of the Hindi words below and you’ll find your child can say so much, with just this article.

Also, for more resources on learning Hindi make sure you follow our Learn Hindi for Kids series!

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Popular Hindi Words

Namaste (Hello & Goodbye)

A word for hello and goodbye. This is probably the most popular and widely-used Hindi words, thanks to yoga!

Haan & Nahi (Yes & No)

Your child will, of course, need to know the words for yes and no – might be the most useful of all the words they learn.

Everyday Words in Hindi

Khaana Food Khaao
Cold /Hot  
Jaldi /Dheere
Fast/ Slow
(or quietly)
Big /Small    
Very/A Lot
Kam & Jyaada
(more water, less spicy)
Kaam karo
Heavy/ Light
Inside/ Outside

Basic Questions in Hindi

Aap kaise ho? Main theek hoon (How are you? I’m fine!)

A nice way for you and your kids to be polite when you meet someone for the first time. It also works great to impress.

Aap Kitne Saal Ke Ho? Main ___ Saal Ka/Ki Hoon. (How old are you? I am ___.)
Answer depending on your gender.
If you are a woman/girl you would use “ki” and if you are male then you would use “ka.”
The word “kitne” means “how many” or “how much” and refers to numbers.

Aap Kahaan Se Ho? Main ___ Se Hoon. (Where are you from? I am from ___.)

Yeh Kya Hai? Voh Kya Hai? Yeh __ hai. Voh ___ Hai. (What is this? & What is that?)
Great for learning new things! Your child can point at animals, food, toys, and say “yeh kya hai?” Or point at something far away and say “voh kya hai.”

___ Kaise Bolte Ho? (How do you say ___?)

Kab? (when)
This is used in question format — “when did you go to school?” NOT “when I was younger…”

Kyoon? (why?)
We all know kids love to ask “why,” so now they can say it in Hindi too!

 ___Kahaan hai? Yahaan, Vahaan (Where is ___? Here, there)

Useful Hindi Phrases

Mujhe Bhook Lag Rahii Hai (I’m hungry)

Mujhe Pyaas Lag Rahii Hai (I’m thirsty)

Main Thak Gaya/Gayii (I’m tired).

Main (Me)

Aap (You, respectful)

Tum (You)

Hum (We)

Voh (They, he, she)

Theek Hai (ok)
This word is used all the time, and is fun to say too — it sounds like the letters T.K.

Chalo (let’s go, walk)

Ruko (stop)

Mujhe ____ Chahiye (I want ___.)
A really useful phrase for kids, because they’re always asking adults for things!
For example, if your child is in a store (in India), or are asking you for something, they could say “mujhe candy chahiye” or “mujhe blanket chahiye.”

Ho Gaya! (All done!)
This phrase is used just like in English — when your child is done with food or an activity they can shout “Ho gaya!”

Shukriya or Dhanyavaad (Thank you)
Both are great words for “thank you!” Shukriya has more of an Urdu influence, but is still often used in today’s Hindi.

Kripa (Please)
Note: This word, although useful, is not often used in colloquial Hindi.

Koi Baat Nahi (No problem)
This phrase is usually said in response to ‘thank you.’ Hindi does not have an equivalent for the English phrase “you’re welcome” — but instead they say “no problem” or “koi baat nahi!”

Janam-Din Mubaarak Ho! (Happy Birthday)

Mubaarak Ho! (Congratulations)

Maaf Karo (Forgive me)

Mujhe Nahi Pata (I don’t know)

Mujhe __ Pasand Hai (I like ___)

Mujhe ___ Nahi Pasand Hai (I don’t like ___)

___ ne Kahaa (___ said)
This is especially handy when your child is telling a story. Instead of “My mom said” can become “Meri mummy ne kahaa ___.” They can also say “Meri teacher ne kahaa ___.”

Aaj (Today)

Kal (Tomorrow)

Kal (Yesterday)

Colors in Hindi

Colors in Hindi
  • Laal – Red
  • Narangi – Orange
  • Peela – Yellow
  • Hara – Green
  • Neela – Blue
  • Bengani – Purple
  • Gulabi – Pink
  • Bhoora – Brown
  • Kaala – Black
  • Safed – White
  • Saleti – Grey
  • Sunhera – Gold
  • Chandi – Silver

Numbers in Hindi

Numbers in Hindi
  • 1 – Ek
  • 2 – Do
  • 3 – Teen
  • 4 – Chaar
  • 5 – Paanch
  • 6 – Che
  • 7 – Saat
  • 8 – Aath
  • 9 – Nau
  • 10 – Das

Hindi doesn’t need to be difficult. These useful Hindi phrases and words are a great way to start of learning the basic vocabulary of the Hindi language. Hindi books are also very useful. Make sure to take a look at our Hindi book list for kids and follow our Learn Hindi for Kids series.

Author: Reena Bhansali is the owner of Hindi By Reena — the world’s first one-stop-shop for Hindi books, tips and courses. She is also the author of the popular children’s language book “My First Hindi Words” which you can find on “AMAZON” You can find more Hindi resources for kids on her website.

Learn Hindi 100 Basic Words and Phrases

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