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Bilingual Chinese Books for Kids that teach Chinese Culture

KidsJoy Bilingual Chinese Books for Kids

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Bilingual Chinese Books for Kids from Kids Joy

If you are looking for high quality Mandarin Chinese books for kids to teach them about the Chinese culture, the Kids Joy Bilingual Book Set is the perfect start to your child’s Chinese book collection.

These 5 hard cover bilingual books in English and Chinese provide endless reading opportunities for you and your children while teaching them about the Chinese culture and helping to improve their language skills.

Being able to read the stories in both English and Chinese is a great advantage, especially for multicultural families.

What is more, is that it doubles as an audio book so even if you don’t speak Chinese yourself, you and your child can learn the Chinese pronunciation listening along to the story.

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Chinese Book Collection for Kids

The Kids Joy set of Chinese Books for Kids is perfect for kids learning Mandarin Chinese.

We were sent a copy of the book set which comes with 5 hardcover story books plus a coloring book, all in a cute hard cover box.
The high quality box makes it easy to keep the books altogether and in good condition.

These books have been a huge hit with our pre-schooler especially learning about the Chinese New Year.

Each story book is different and unique and teaches kids about different traditional Chinese toys in a way that gets them asking more and more questions about the culture.

Learning about Chinese Culture through Chinese Books

Each of the 5 Chinese story books is about a little girl and boy playing with a traditional Chinese toy introducing valuable life lessons along with pieces of the Chinese culture for example Chinese New Year. The traditional Chinese toys are the title of each book:

The Little Rattle Drum – Introduces Chinese New Year
The Shuttlecock – Teaches kids about sharing
The Kite – Teaches about saying thank you and working together
The Beanbags – Teaching kids to be creative.
The Tumbler – Teaching lessons about resilience

KidsJoy Bilingual Chinese Books for Kids
5 Hardcover Chinese Books for Kids

Kids can really learn about the Chinese culture in a natural and fun way while reading about these traditional Chinese toys in a story.

Learn about Chinese Culture with Kids Joy Bilingual Books

For kids that cannot yet read there is the audio option which is read by a professional children’s TV host. I find this particularly useful for pronunciation and great for non native speakers.

Along with the story there is also some very useful information at the back of the book:

Did you know?
This section which tells you fun facts about the Chinese toys you have read about.

Reading suggestions
This is great for parents which gives ideas on how to read the story to get the most out of it for your child.

How to make
This is my favorite part of these books. At the very end there are instructions on how you can make your very own traditional Chinese Toys! So you can do this fun activity with your child which will enforce the learning.

Learn how to make traditional Chinese Toys

Learn about Traditional Chinese Toys with Kids Joy

The Kids Joy Chinese books are perfect for teaching your children about traditional Chinese toys and the Chinese culture. These bilingual books also make bedtime stories enjoyable for families.

You can find these gorgeous bilingual English and Chinese books on AMAZON HERE.

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