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Learn Colors in Spanish, Adjectives, and Gustar | Free Printables

Colors in Spanish for Kids

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Colors in Spanish, Adjectives, and Gustar

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the fifth lesson in our Learn Spanish for Kids Starter Kit, “Learning colors in Spanish!” Here I am sharing simple ideas and resources for learning Spanish as a family.

Lesson 5 teaches kids the colors in Spanish, basic adjectives in Spanish, as well as the verb “gustar” (to like, or to be pleasing).

Spanish Lesson 5 Goals

I can identify colors in Spanish, and describe people and things a little. I can express likes and dislikes in Spanish

Remember that printables are included for every lesson! You can access the posters, practice sheets, and vocabulary/game cards HERE

See the whole Learn Spanish for Kids series to follow every lesson!

Spanish Colors Printable

Colors in Spanish : Printable Lesson for Kids

Spanish Adjectives Printable

Adjectives in Spanish : Printable Lesson for Kids

If you need some help with pronunciation, you can look up any of these phrases at SpanishDict.

Teaching Spanish Colors

This Spanish lesson is all about learning Spanish colors, describing people and things! There are many games you can play, once you know these new terms.

1. Learn the Colors in Spanish

Listen to a Spanish colors songs to get the pronunciation down. I like this song because it also includes “me gusta,” one of our phrases from lesson 5!

Find more fun Spanish Color Songs HERE.

You can practice the colors in Spanish by adding them to your card games for Memory or Go Fish, or creating your own Bingo set. You can also call out the color terms, and have the students run and touch something of that color in the room.

Use the graph from the eBook to survey Spanish-speaking friends and family about their favorite colors. You can ask by saying: “Cuál es tu color favorito?”

2. Learn Phrases with “Gustar”

Refer to the eBook to learn all the ways to express likes and dislikes, and understand this complex verb a little better. Focus on these phrases as you get going:

me gusta – I like
no me gusta – I don’t like
te gusta – you like
no te gusta – you don’t like

Use the sheet from the eBook to draw or list things your kids like or don’t like. Then, label a side of the room “me gusta” and the other side “no me gusta.” Call out words your kids know in Spanish from the previous lessons (escribir, amarillo, caminar, libros, la escuela, verde, rosado, etc.) They move to the side of the room that expresses their feelings about it.

Spanish For Kids: Lesson 5 Colors and Adjectives Printable

 3. Learn Basic Adjectives

Introduce the adjective terms with the sheet from the eBook that lists them. Draw or list words that go with each descriptive word.

Use the game cards with just the words, if you are working with kids who are old enough to read. Grab some objects in your home, or pictures from magazines. Put an object in the middle, and let your kids see what adjective cards they can lay down that describe that object.

Try playing a simplified version of twenty questions. This is the game where someone thinks of a thing, and the other try to guess what it is, through yes or no questions, with under 20 turns.

(You may want to consider some parameters like just zoo animals or things in your living room, since we’re only working with a few adjectives!)

Example questions using the words you know:

¿Es grande?
¿Es rojo?
¿Tiene brazos?
¿Está en ______ (place)? 


  • Read the short story that uses phrases from Lessons 1-5, in the eBook.
  • Do the All About Me Sheet


Online Spanish Lessons for Kids

We hope you enjoyed Lesson 5 from the Spanish for Kids series: Learn Colors in Spanish , Adjectives, and Gustar. Now you should know all of the Spanish colors! Make sure you check out the whole Learn Spanish for Kids series on the Bilingual Kidspot.

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Spanish For Kids: Learn Colors in Spanish

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