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Opposites in Chinese: Lessons with Printables for Kids

Last Updated on December 14, 2018 by Bilingual Kidspot

Chinese Opposites Words: Lessons for Kids

This is the fourth lesson of our Learn Chinese for Kids series on Bilingual Kidspot hosted by Miss Panda Chinese: Chinese Opposites Words. If you are a parent or teacher trying to teach kids Chinese make sure to keep following this series!

Hello!  Ni Hao! 你好!

Welcome back to another playful Chinese class with Miss Panda!

We have learned quite a lot by far in our Chinese class. You have the chance to get to know the basics of Chinese language, how to set up a text-rich bilingual home, how to count in Chinese from 1-10, and Chinese colors! If you have missed a lesson you can go to the main page HERE.

In this lesson we are now going to have fun learning OPPOSITES In Chinese!

Don’t forget to download these printable lessons in this series HERE!

Opposites in Chinese – Teaching Tips

Language learning is a daily activity.  Just like teaching your native language to your child. You talk to your child every day. They listen to your words. They listen to your songs. And they listen to your stories.

It is the same when you introduce a new language.

Introduce opposite words in Chinese with playful opportunities. Look at the things around you and your child.  Look at each person in the family.  The height, the hair, the eyes, the hands, the feet…, etc.

Go outside and do an opposite search!  It is a treasure hunt for the kids. When you get back home do the sorting and use the opposite cards.

Opposites Words in Chinese

Miss Panda loves visual tools.  By now, you know why.

I always want to make sure it is a whole language approach and it is comprehensible every time we introduce something new to the kids.

Set up your Chinese Opposites Poster!  Get ready to have some opposite fun!

Opposites in Chinese - Lessons for Kids

Daily Expressions Using Chinese Opposites

In the previous lessons we use some commonly used expressions such as:

  • I see…
  • This is…
  • S/he likes

You can continue use them in the opposite games and activities.

In this lesson, I have more sentences that you can use every day!

  • This is ___.
  • That is ___.
  • Is this ___ or ___?

These expressions are used all the time.  Make sure you print them out and post it on your Word Wall.  Use these expressions whenever you can with your child throughout the day!

Opposites in Chinese and Daily Expressions

Hands-On Activities for Learning Chinese

Kids big and small enjoy hands-on activities.

Opposite words give you endless opportunities to have fun and practice the opposite concept, words, and expressions.

Playful Learning with the bookmarks and Play Cards!

  • Use the Q-tips to dot the Chinese words on each bookmark
  • Use the bookmarks to hunt for the items in the house
  • Show and Tell
  • Play dough words! Shape play dough into a Chinese character that your child pick!

In addition, have a game night with Play Cards!

  • Memory Game
  • Match Game
  • Acting Game

Opposite Wheel!  Invite an opposite friend to the party.

You can use the words and expressions when your child is working on this activity.  Place a fidget spinner on the star and spin it to decide who is having a party!

Print out as many copies as you need to make it a family game night!

Opposites in Chinese

Story Time in Chinese

Miss Panda loves telling stories!  This time I have something “Big And Small” in the story.  Can you spot all of them?  Can you find a missing one?  Come to see what I have for you and your child.

Teaching Resources

Teach Kids Mandarin: Opposites words in Chinese

New to this series?  Want to catch up?!  Here is where you can find all the lessons!

I hope you and your child have a lot of fun with these basic opposites words in Chinese.  Leave a comment and let Miss Panda know your child’s favorite activity in this lesson.

Did I mention, Opposite Day?  Yes, you should definitely have one with your child!

See you next!  我們下次見。Wǒmen xià cì jiàn。我们下次见。

Opposites in chinese for Kids

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