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Spanish for Kids: Family members & Telling time

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Family Members in Spanish and Telling the Time

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the fourth lesson in our Learn Spanish for Kids Starter Kit I’m Elisabeth from Spanish Mama, and in this Teach Kids Spanish series,  I’m sharing resource and tips for learning Spanish as a family.

Lesson 4 is all about learning the Family Members in Spanish and reviewing with the verb “ser” (to be).

Spanish for Kids: Lesson 4 Goals

  • I can identify family members in Spanish.
  • I can tell the time to the hour and describe myself a little.

Remember that printables are included for every lesson! You can access the posters, practice sheets, and vocabulary/game cards HERE

See the whole Learn Spanish for Kids series to follow every lesson!

Essential Spanish Vocabulary for Lesson 4

Family Members in Spanish - Online Spanish Lesson for Kids

Family Members in Spanish Vocabulary

La mama – Mom
El papa – Dad
La hija / Daughter
La hermana – / Sister
El hijo – Son
El hermano -Brother
La abuela – Grandma
El abuelo – Grandpa
La tia – Aunt
El tio – Uncle
El primo / La prima – Cousin

If you need some help with pronunciation, you can look up any of these phrases at SpanishDict.

Teaching Spanish Lesson 4:

1.Learn the family members in Spanish

Watch below to learn how to say the members of the family in Spanish. (The song teaches “padre” for father, and “madre” for mother, but I like that it uses “es,” “son,” and “soy”!)

You can use the family tree poster in the eBook to help remember the names, and then make your own family tree. You can draw or use photos and label each person!

Read about Ana’s family in the eBook story for this lesson. After each person has been introduced, try the quiz at the end to identify everyone! You can also read the puzzle in the eBook for Alex’s family, and make your own family puzzle.

Family members in Spanish activities and printables

2. Telling Time in Spanish

In this lesson, we are learning how to use the verb ser, especially focusing on es (is) and son (are).

Since we learned the Spanish numbers 0-15 in the last lesson, we’re ready to tell basic time.

To ask what time it is, say “¿Qué hora es?”

Spanish Game to Play Learning the Time

When you are comfortable asking and answering basic time, you can play the game “Qué hora es, Señor Zorro?

This game is best played in a gym or outside. Pick one student to be Señor Zorro. The rest of the students line up opposite Señor Zorro, as far away as space permits. The class calls out, ¿Qué hora es, Señor Zorro? Señor Zorro picks a time and calls it back.

If Señor Zorro says, Son las seis, everyone takes six steps. They continue asking, and advancing until Señor Zorro calls out ¡Almuerzo! (Lunchtime!)

Everyone races back to the starting line, and the last one tagged is “it” next.

3. Learn How to Describe Yourself a Little in Spanish

We’ve already learned to introduce ourselves with “Me llamo…” (I’m called…)

You can also use the term “soy” to say I am.

To say your age, say “Tengo ____ años.” (I have _____ years.) To say someone else’s age, you can say “Tiene ______ años. (S/he _____ years.)

Spanish Vocabulary Activity for Kids

Here’s an example of a description that could be written using the terms we know so far:

Yo soy Liam. Tengo siete años.
Soy el hijo de James y Nora.
Soy un niño.
Tengo dos hermanas.
Se llaman Katie y Mia.
Katie tiene cinco años.
Mia tiene diez años.
Mi escuela se llama Lincoln Heights.

I’m Liam. I (have) am seven years old.
I’m the son of James and Nora.
I’m a boy.
I have two sisters.
They’re called Katie and Mia.
Katie is five. Mia is ten.
My school is called Lincoln Heights.

Spanish Lesson 4 Review

  • Use the game cards to review the common objects, body parts, numbers, and add in the family. You can play Memory or Go Fish.
  • Use the “Spot the Differences” sheet in the eBook to review from Lessons 1-4. Try to answer in Spanish, using “hay,” and “no hay.”
  • After lessons 1-4, you can begin to understand some Spanish books for beginners. Check the eBook for links to online Spanish books and stories that use all the words you know so far!

Online Spanish Lessons for Kids

We hope you enjoyed Lesson 4 from the Spanish for Kids series with Spanish Mama about Spanish family members and telling the time in Spanish. Make sure you check out the whole Learn Spanish for Kids series on the Bilingual Kidspot!

Spanish Lesson 4: Family Members in Spanish

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