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Little Chatterbox: The Language Learning App Making Languages Fun for Kids

Little Chatterbox language learning app for kids learning languages

Last Updated on October 28, 2018 by Bilingual Kidspot

Little Chatterbox: The Language Learning App Making Languages Fun for Kids

Want your child to learn a language? The new language learning app, Little Chatterbox is the perfect way to introduce a new language in a fun way.

Learning a language is one of the most rewarding achievements, as it opens doors to different parts of the world.

Kids are better at learning languages than adults. They are uninhibited and unafraid of embarrassing themselves, and they have the potential to achieve a native accent.  And, most important, the younger you start, the more time you have to master this valuable skill.

Little Chatterbox provides a language learning tool to parents who want to start early.

What is Little Chatterbox?

Little Chatterbox is an IOS Language App focused on language learning for young children – between the ages of 3-8 years old.  This language learning app for kids helps build a vocabulary foundation of 300 key words in any of its 8 target languages: Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, English.

Little Chatterbox Language App for Kids

How does this app help children learn a new language?

When kids learn a language, they first learn simple vocabulary referring to the world around them.  Learning this “key” vocabulary will enable them to guess the meaning of more complicated sentences they hear later on.

But learning vocabulary is time consuming, and often boring.  On average, kids need to hear a word up to 20 times before they memorize it. By disguising repetition inside games, Little Chatterbox helps kids memorise new words in a fun and easy way.

Little Chatterbox helps kids learn 300 key words to create a strong foundation.  The key words are all elements of a child’s universe, from the home to the doctor’s, to the beach, to storybook characters.  Having this strong foundation will help speed up their language acquisition later on.

Language Learning app for kids

What makes this language learning app for kids special?

Little Chatterbox uses videos of children to make the language come alive – no more bland audio bites, there are real older children mouthing the words in their native language.

This is important because children love to look up to older children and learn from them, and love to identify with these children.

It is also important because when we learn a language we look at peoples’ mouths to understand pronunciation, and feel a bit lost without it.  This is why it is so much harder a foreign language on the phone. Every person pronounces words slightly differently, and mouth movements tell us to pronounce a word like a native.

Finally, this language learning app allows children to discover words in a variety of environments.  This knowledge is then repeated and tested through games so that the learning is not passive, but active, which with repetition is key for memorization.

For best results, Little Chatterbox encourages parents to play with their children and encourage them to say the words aloud as well.

Little Chatterbox Features

This language learning app has some key features:

  • Real children are featured as teachers to make the language come alive
  • You can watch these children pronounce words
  • 16 screens featuring elements of children’s everyday life – the home, the doctor’s office, the beach, the school…
  • 300 day-to-day vocabulary words
  • 4 games repeat the words over and over
  • Mono-lingual setting for older children or bilingual setting for younger ones
  • Free to download and test 10 words, before going on to purchase more.

Little Chatterbox, a Fun Language Learning App for Kids

If you want to find out more about Little Chatterbox, the fun language learning app for kids, you check them out on Itunes. Download it free and try it out!

Little Chatterbox Language Learning App

This post was written in collaboration with Little Chatterbox. See our full disclosure here.

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