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Spanish Numbers & Counting in Spanish

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Spanish Numbers & Counting in Spanish

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the third lesson in our Learn Spanish for Kids Starter Kit, Spanish Numbers and Counting in Spanish.

I’m Elisabeth from Spanish Mama. Learn beginner Spanish phrases and topics in this “Learn Spanish for Kids” series, as a family.

Lesson 3 is all about numbers in Spanish 0-15, and the verb “hay,” which means “there is/are.”

Lesson 3 Goals:

  • I can count 0—15 in Spanish

You can print the vocabulary and lesson plans for this lesson HERE

Numbers in Spanish Vocabulary

Spanish Numbers - Counting in Spanish for Kids

If you need some help with pronunciation, you can look up any of these phrases at SpanishDict.

Teaching Numbers in Spanish:

In Lesson 2, we learned a lot of Spanish vocabulary and action words!

This time we just have numbers in Spanish 0-15. We’ll learn the Spanish numbers, and mix them in with Lessons 1-2.

Learn Numbers in Spanish

Listen to a Spanish numbers song to get the pronunciation down.

Practice counting the Numbers in Spanish

Play Bingo as a fun way to practice hearing the numbers and identifying them. Keep it for a review during future lessons too!

Spanish Numbers Game for Kids - Bingo
Play Spanish Bingo with the Kids!

Play Games in Spanish

Playing Spanish games is a great way to learn. When you know the numbers by heart, you can also play Mano Nerviosa. It’s a really fun game for kids and adults, and great practice for saying the numbers out loud. See the video HERE.

Spanish Game for Kids - Mano Nerviosa

Review numbers and body parts in Spanish

I like to review parts of the body and numbers with monster drawings. Have your kids read the descriptions of monsters, and match the pictures in the eBook. Then, they can read a description and draw their own.

You can take this up a notch by doing chalk drawing outside, or tracing their bodies onto butcher paper (moving arms, hands, feet, etc., to add extra parts of course!), and then labeling their own monster body parts.

Teach Kids Spanish - Learning activities for kids
Spanish for Kids – Learning Games!

Review common objects and numbers with games.

Recommended: Word games for kids

What’s in the Bag?

For this game, you’ll need a bag and several objects from Lesson 2 (pencils, books, etc.).

Put an object- or multiples of that object- in a bag, without the students seeing. The students put their hand in, and try to guess what the objects are.

  • You as the parent/teacher can ask: ¿Qué hay en la bolsa? (What’s in the bag?)
  • Students guess by saying (for example): Hay tres lapices. (There are three pencils.)

Then pull the objects out and see if they are right.

What’s Missing?

Put out a tray of objects, with multiples if possible. Have the students look at it and try to memorize what they see. Then, they close their eyes and you remove one or more objects.

When they open their eyes, they must guess what’s missing.

You can ask:
Qué no hay? or ¿Qué no está?

They try to remember, and answer in Spanish.

Students can answer in two ways:
no hay or no está:

No está el libro. (The book isn’t there.) / No están los dos libros.

Spanish Lessons for Kids - Learning Numbers

No hay los dos libros. (The two books aren’t there.)


  • Read the short story that uses phrases from Lessons 1-3, in the eBook.
  • Use the game cards to review the common objects and body parts, and add in the numbers. You can play Memory or Go Fish, but Go Fish is especially good because it use our main verb
  • Play Simon Says to review the actions, adding in numbers. You can use the term “veces” to say how many times. “Salta tres veces,” for example, means “jump three times.” To say just once, say “salta una vez.”

Spanish Numbers & Counting in Spanish for Kids

Remember to use your new words in your daily family life. Try and practice the numbers in Spanish wherever possible. Have fun learning together!

We hope you enjoyed the first Spanish for Kids lesson from Spanish Mama about Spanish numbers and that you will have fun learning to count in Spanish! Make sure you check out the whole Learn Spanish for Kids series on the Bilingual Kidspot!

Spanish Lesson 3: Spanish Numbers and Counting in Spanish for Kids

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