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Chinese Numbers and Counting in Chinese for Kids

Chinese Numbers and Counting in Chinese

This is the second lesson of our Learn Chinese for Kids series on Bilingual Kidspot hosted by Miss Panda Chinese: Chinese Numbers and Counting in Chinese. If you are a parent or teacher trying to teach kids Chinese make sure to keep following this series!

Hello!  Ni Hao! 你好!

Have you been having fun setting up your bilingual home with the Home Labels?  Do I hear you and your kids using the Polite Words during meal time?  Are you ready for more?

Well, today we are going to talk about fun, playful and impressive Chinese numbers!

Numbers in Chinese

The Chinese language is one of the best languages for math.

Chinese has number words from 1 to 10.  After that, it is a combination of the 10 nine number words.  On the other hand, English has more than two dozen number names.

Chinese Numbers: Counting in Chinese for kids

Counting in Chinese from 1 to 10

When you know Chinese numbers from 1 to 10 you can count up to 99.  But, What do you do when you want to go higher than 10?


Counting in Chinese from 11 and up

Counting Let’s take a look at 11.
In Chinese 11 is “ten” “1.”
12 is “ten” “2.”
How about 20?  It is “two” “10”.
How about 80?  Yes, you are correct.  That is “eight” “10.”
How about 99?  It is “nine” “10” “nine.”
Here you have it!  Count in Chinese with joy and laughter!

Number Expressions You Can Use Every Day

These are the phrases and sentences you can use daily.  How many do you want?  Let’s count!

Number Expressions - Counting in Chinese for Kids


I See Numbers.  Do You See Any Numbers?

Open your eyes and see if you can spot some Chinese numbers?
What numbers do you see?
What numbers do Mom and Dad see?
Here we go!

Play & Learn in Chinese

I have number bookmarks, fish puzzle and playful printables for you to play with numbers.  You can have a Number Party!

Chinese Numbers - Counting in Chinese Chinese Numbers - Counting in Chinese Traditional

Teaching Resources:
Teach Kids Mandarin: Numbers 1-10 Funtastic printables –download here.
Let’s Learn Mandarin Chinese with Miss Panda – audio program –preview here.
Join Miss Panda at “Chinese for Everyone” Facebook group.
See the whole Learn Chinese for Kids Language Series here!

Have fun with your kids playing with Chinese numbers and counting in Chinese!  I am looking forward to seeing you next time!! With 8 big panda hugs, Amanda Miss Panda

Chinese for Kids - Lesson 2: Chinese Numbers & Counting in Chinese for kids

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  1. Alicia

    Hi Miss Panda Chinese, thanks so much for the printout for the home items, it’s what I’m looking for to teach my child at home. I will be coming back to your website more often for sure!

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