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7 Italian Cartoons For Kids That Are Educational

Italian Cartoons for Kids - Yo Yo

Last Updated on December 20, 2023 by Bilingual Kidspot

Italian Cartoons For Kids, Educational & Fun

Are you looking for Italian cartoons for kids? If your little ones speak Italian, or are learning Italian as a second language, watching cartoons in Italian can be a great way to give them a little extra exposure to the language.

In Italy, many Italian cartoons have been dubbed, so you may recognise a few of these on the list however we have also listed some fun original Italian cartoons too. You can find them easily on Youtube.

Here is a list of Italian cartoons for kids that are educational and fun. From iconic classics that have enchanted generations to contemporary marvels that continue to captivate young hearts, these Italian cartoons capture the essence of Italian culture while entertaining and educating young viewers.

Best Italian Cartoons for Kids

1. Yo Yo


Yo and Yo are twins, a boy and girl. He is shy and cautious, and she loud and impulsive. They are two have opposite personalities and tend to argue a lot.

This Italian kids cartoon has short episodes so suits younger children. Kids can follow the twins adventures where they travel the world with their imagination helping those who need it and discovering that though they are different, that two heads thinking together, are better than one.

Yo Yo can be found on Youtube searching “Yo Yo Italiano”.

2. Little Einstein’s


This has to be the absolute favourite kids cartoon in our house in all of our languages! Little Einsteins is an educational kids cartoon where four little explorers go on world wide missions in their rocket ship.

In each episode Quincy, Leo, Annie, and June set off to a new destination with Rocket. Kids will learn about geography and culture, along with classical music and famous art from around the world.

The Little Einstein’s can be found on Youtube searching “Little Einsteins Italiano”. You can also find it in English and Spanish.

3. Pimpa


While many kids cartoons have been translated into Italian, Pimpa is an original comic Italian cartoon for kids broadcast by the Italian TV Network Rai.

Pimpa is a happy polka dotted talking dog who lives with her owner Armando. Pimpa isn’t an ordinary dog who sleeps in a kennel or barks for food. Instead she lives inside the house, sleeps in a bed and eats at the table with her owner.

Watching Pimpa, kids can explore the world. From sailing in Australia to flying in Africa, and exploring space, every episode is an adventure. There is also a Pimpa series of children’s books to read.

Pimpa can be found on Youtube searching “Pimpa”.

4. Hollie e Benji – (Oliver and Benji)


Holly e Benji is one of my boys favourite Italian cartoons. Originally in Japanese and translated into Italian this kids cartoon was inspired by the world cup during the 80’s, and is still quite popular in Italy because of the football theme.

Holly e Benji focuses teaches kids about training and competition in the football world. It also focuses on friendships and rivalry.

You can find Holly e Benji in Italian on Youtube searching “Holly e Benji”

5. Super Pijamini (PJ Masks)


PJ Masks is a popular kids cartoon all over the world but it is also available in Italian! Follow the night time adventures of three young friends, Connor, Amaya and Greg who transform into super hero’s at night and fight crime while everyone else is sleeping.

This Italian kids cartoon encourages the imagination of young kids and helps them to understand friendship and cooperation.

Super Pijamini can be found on Youtube searching “PJ Masks Italiano” or simply Super Pijamini.

6. Blaze e il mostro (Blaze and the monster machines)


Blaze is an educational kids cartoon in Italian translated from English. This fun cartoon is about a group of nine trucks who have different abilities.

Each episode is interactive and filled with opportunities for kids to learn. This cartoon in Italian focuses on learning about STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) so when your child is watching Blaze, at least you can be sure they are watching a cartoon that is educational, while improving their Italian.

Blaze and the monster machines can be found on Youtube by searching “Blaze Italiano”

7. Curioso come George

Curious George is a popular kids cartoon in Italian. Originally in English it has been translated really well.

George is a curious little monkey and the adventures of George and his friend The Man With the Yellow Hat, have been enjoyed by children all over the world for years.

The TV show reveals how curiosity is a building block of learning, as it introduces simple science, technology, engineering and math concepts to young kids.

Curioso come George can be found on Youtube

Cartoons in Italian

These are some of our favourite Italian cartoons for kids. Do you know other cartoons in Italian that isn’t listed? Let us know! See our other resources in Italian here>>> Italian for kids

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Italian Cartoons for Kids - Educational and fun

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