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Swan Lake Personalized Book For Kids In One Language or Two

Swan Lake Personalized Book

Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Bilingual Kidspot

Swan Lake Personalized Bilingual Book For Kids

Make your little one a ballerina star dancing Swan Lake in this gorgeous personalized book for kids available in multiple languages including Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

Select the book in one language or a bilingual book in two languages and inspire your child to dance with “Swan Lake” while giving exposure to a new language at the same time.


The Story of Swan Lake In One Language or Two

This personalized bilingual book follows your child through ballet classes and preparation for the big performance where she dances Swan Lake in a glamorous performance. A story which teaches children that practice and hard work pays off.

If you choose the bilingual version of Swan Lake with two languages you will notice the text in one language on one side of the page, and the second language on the other page. This is perfect for parents who speak different languages as each parent is able to read the same bedtime story. Older children who are learning to read can also see the translation so it helps them if they are learning a second language.


This is just one of the gorgeous bilingual books from Tim Tim Tom, take a look at the story of “The Boy and The Dolphin” which is another of our favorites.

A Truly Multicultural Kids Book

One unique thing I love about this personalized book and the other books from Tim Tim Tom is that you can really personalize the character to look like your child, no matter what the cultural background.


You can select the color of their skin from the different shades available. You can then choose the eye shape and color and various different hairstyles and colors. Whichever your child’s background there is an option to make the character represent them.

Ordering and Personalizing Your Bilingual Book


To order your copy of this Swan Lake Personalized book, head over to TimTimTom where you can create your book and view your child’s personalized version. Fill out the various options available including languages, name, and the look of your child. Once you have done this, add your personalized message and then view your book, easy as that!

If your child loves to dance or loves to dress up as a ballerina, then she will love her own personalized book and being the start of the Swan Lake dance production. Whether you choose the one language version, or the bilingual book, it makes a great keepsake and gift idea too.

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Swan Lake Personalized Book for Kids - Bilingual or Monolingual

We were gifted this book for the purpose of this review.

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