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International and Bilingual Schools in Italy

International Schools & Bilingual Schools In Italy

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International and Bilingual Schools in Italy

A list of popular International Schools and Bilingual Schools in each region of Italy including the major cities Rome and Milan. International and bilingual pre-schools and kindergartens, International primary schools and secondary schools. Primary and Secondary schools which offer the American, British, French or other curriculum’s, and the International Baccalaureate.

Moving to Italy

If you have recently moved to Italy with your family, or are considering a move, you will need to decide how your children will be educated and which school you will have them attend.

The Italian school system may be different to the school system where you are from, and grades may be classified differently according to your child’s age. Here is a summary of how things work in schools in Italy.

The Italian School System

Public education in Italy is free to children of all nationalities who live in Italy and attendence is compulsary from six to sixteen years old. The Italian school system is broken up as follows:

  • Pre-school / Kindergarten – Scuola dell’infanzia or Asilo (Not compulsary) Children can attend from three years old full time. This is not a compulsary requirement however most parents choose to do so. Most Pre-schools operate Monday to Friday.
  • Primary School- Scuola primaria or scuola elemenariaChildren attend from 6 – 11 years old. Many primary schools operate Monday to Saturday.
  • First Grade Secondary School / Middle School – Scuola Secondaria di Primo Grado or Scuola Media
    Children attend from 11- 14 years old. Many Middle Schools operate Monday to Saturday.
  • Second Grade Secondary School / High School – Scuola Secondaria di Secondo Grado or Scuola Superiore
    Children attend from 14 – 19 years old and there are three types which students choose from
  • Lyceum – Liceo:
    Academic based with subjects based on humanities, science or art
  • Technical Institute – Instituto Tecnico:
    Subjects based on economy, law, accountancy, information technology etc
  • Professional Insitute – Istituto Professionale:
    Subjects based on labour such as Engineering and agriculture.
  • School Exams
    After completing secondary school, students complete exams to determine their entrance into higher education.

International Schools in Italy

Expat families or foreigners living in Italy have an important decision to make when thinking about which school system they will choose for their children and there are many benefits of a bilingual education.

Some parents choose to place their children in Italian public schools, so they can immerse them in the Italian language and culture. This way they also meet other italian children and make friends.

Other families prefer to send their children to an International or Bilingual school. This is more common for families who move around a lot from country to country, because they offer the International Baccalaureat .

You will find that it isn’t just expat children attending international schools. Many Italian families prefer to send their children to International schools so that they can learn English and receive a Bilingual Education.

Tuition doesn’t come cheap though, and the competition is high in some of the most prestegious International schools as placements are limited. However the standard of Education in these schools is very high.

The most popular International schools in Italy are in Rome, and Milan. However there are a range of International and Bilingual Schools all over Italy.

International Schools in Rome

French Schools in Rome

International Schools in Milan

French School in Milan

German School of Milan

Japanese School in Milan

Scuola Giapponese di Milano 

International Schools in Italy by Region






French School in Florence






French School in Naples



French School in Piedmont







Whether you are an Italian family, an expat family living or moving to Rome, or foreigners living or moving to Rome, this list should be able to give you options of where to send your children.

If you know of an International School or Bilingual School in Italy that is not on this list let us know. If your children attend one of these schools or you work at one of these schools we would love to hear from you.

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International Schools & Bilingual Schools In Italy

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