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Bilingual Royals: Will & Kate are raising Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis with two languages

Bilingual Royals - Prince George, Princess Charlotte

Last Updated on August 8, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

Bilingual Royals: Will & Kate are raising Prince George, Princess Charlotte & Prince Louis with two languages

It has been reported that Will and Kate are raising their children bilingual. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Princess Louis are being brought up with exposure to both English and Spanish.

How are they doing it? Well, when Prince George was born, the royal couple hired a Spanish nanny who has reportedly been teaching Prince and Princess to speak her native language.

The Royal Nanny is Bilingual

The Royal Nanny that Will and Kate hired to look after the Princes and Princess, Maria Turrion Borrallo, is from Palencia in Spain. Maria is bilingual herself being able to also speak English.

Having a bilingual nanny is a huge benefit  and a great way to teach your children a second language that you don’t speak yourself. The Royal Nanny has been looking after the royal children from birth so it is no wonder Prince George and Princess Charlotte can already speak some Spanish.

Are Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis Bilingual?


Will and Kate tend to keep pretty quiet about their private life however Kate reportedly did make a mention of the little Royal’s language skills and how Prince George could already count to 10 in Spanish.The nursery where Princess Charlotte attends also mentioned that her special skill was being able to speak some Spanish.

Whether Maria Borrallo has been speaking with Prince George and Prince Charlotte full time, or just occasionally hasn’t been mentioned so we don’t know how much Spanish the little royals can speak. It may just the basics of Spanish or Prince George and Princess Charlotte could be bilingual already. We can imagine that Prince Louis is now also starting to be exposed to the Spanish language also.

Is it worth teaching young kids languages?

In a nutshell, yes! Childhood is the best time for children to learn languages, and the earlier the better. From birth to around 7 years is the “window of opportunity” for kids to learn languages and learning any language is an advantage.

Even if the little Princes and Princess  never become perfectly bilingual, there are still many benefits of knowing a second language including cognitive enhancements, and educational and career advantages. Being bilingual is a skill, and it’s always an advantage to have an extra skill in life.

No doubt Prince George, Prince Charlotte, and Prince Louis will grow up with many important skills in life, but being raised to be bilingual will be one of the most beneficial.

Photo Credit: Royal Family Instagram


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