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One Third Stories – A Unique Subscription Box for Kids Learning Languages

One Third Stories Subscription for Kids

Last Updated on December 14, 2022 by Bilingual Kidspot

One Third Story Subscription Boxes Review

A review of the One Third Story Subscription Boxes

Imagine a story which starts in English and finishes in one language. Bit by bit introducing new words and phrases throughout the book helping your child learn new vocabulary. This is how One Third Stories subscription boxes for kids work.

This new and exciting subscription pack for little language learners aged 4-9yrs is now available in Spanish, French, German and Italian with more languages planned for the future.

In each monthly subscription box, children receive a new book, along with the online audio, flashcards and educational activities and resources to help them learn their target language.

My two bilingual boys have a love for languages, and books, so the One Third Stories Subscriptions have been a big hit in our house. We received a 3 month subscription in Spanish to review, and my kids absolutely love it.

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A story which starts in one language, and finishes in another

The One Third Stories subscription pack are truly unique. I have never seen another book like it. Starting off in English, the first few pages of the book are like any other book. But then the fun starts.

Slowly, new words are carefully placed in Spanish. So, for example the first box includes the book “How the dinosaur got his shoes” The first word introduced is “zopattos” which means shoes in Spanish. Every time the word shoes is meant to be written it is replaced with the Spanish version.

Continuing the book on the next pages, the story follows a dinosaur trying to find the perfect pair of shoes. Colours and numbers are introduced, and written in Spanish replacing the English words. By the end of the book, half of what you are reading is in Spanish and you and your child have learned a whole lot of Spanish vocabulary without much effort.


The next subscription boxes contain other exciting books which introduce different vocabulary and use more of the target language.

You can understand the book even if you don’t speak the language

The One Third Story books are written so cleverly though, that if you don’t speak a word of the language, you will know what the replaced word is supposed to mean.

This is great if you are trying to teach kids a language you don’t speak, because you can still understand what was happening in the story.

You can even listen to the audio of the book online, to make sure you have the right pronunciation. The audiobook is great as it allows your children to read the book independently without you.


Activities enforce language learning in this subscription box for kids

A glossary page can be found at the end of the book which goes over the new vocabulary you have learned while reading the story. And within the subscription box there are educational activities such as flashcards, and games, using the new vocabulary to enforce the learning of the language.


Monthly Subscription Box For Kids: The gift that keeps on giving

Subscriptions boxes for kids are the perfect gift that keeps giving. Take the stress away from selecting books when they are already selected for you, and delivered to your door every month.

Not only do the One Third Story books make fantastic bedtime stories for kids, they are the perfect way to introduce a new language or encourage your child to learn your native tongue.


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One Third Stories Subscription for Kids

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