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Bilingual Printable Materials in Multiple Languages from Lil’ollo

Bilingual Printables

Last Updated on July 26, 2018 by Bilingual Kidspot

Bilingual Printable Materials in Multiple Languages

A while back you may have seen the review I wrote for the bilingual products from Lil’ollo. They have some amazing products including bilingual flashcards, wall posters, and an amazing personalised world map which my kids absolutely LOVE! (Check out the bottom of the post as Bilingual Kidspot are giving one away!)

Well, now you can print your own bilingual materials in the languages your child speaks from their latest collection. The printable materials will be at a lower rate than the ready made, and get this, many of them will be available for FREE. Just another reason we love Lil’ollo, making sure that there are bilingual resources available for all children world-wide.

Printable Bilingual Crocabody


The bilingual crocabody is the first free printable to be released for members of the Lil’ollo Club. It is such a fun printable. We have this in the bilingual English/Spanish and the bilingual English/Italian version and my boys love it. In fact we often use our crocabody and label it in all three languages! My five year old reads the body parts out and his little brother sticks them on.

Printable Bilingual Flashcards and Memory Cards

The Lil’ollo printable flashcards come in Animals, Shapes, Numbers, and Colours. Just like the ready made versions, you can print these yourself. Choose your printable flash cards in the languages your child is learning. Once you have printed them take a look at these fun games and activities using flashcards with bilingual kids!


Printable Bilingual Wall Posters

Print off your own poster with numbers, shapes, animals, or colours! These colourful images will brighten up your child’s room and encourage them to use their languages on a daily basis.


Printable Bilingual Colouring Pages

Colouring in is a great way for kids to improve their motor skills, and why not help them to learn a language while they are at it. Filled with pictures and the names of bilingual shapes, numbers, colours, and animals, these colouring pages have been a huge hit with my boys who love to colour, (and also for me to de-stress!)


Bilingual Kidspot Discount

All Bilingual Kidspot readers, and your friends, will get a special 10% discount at the checkout on any Lil’ollo product by using the code BILINGUALKIDSPOT.

Lil’ollo Language Explorer’s Club

Lil’ollo want to help children and families on their language learning journey. The Lil’ollo Language Explorer’s club is a free resource they have designed and will launch in early 2018. Everyone is welcome and all you need to do is sign into the club section of their website. There you will find:
– Products and games to download and print at home
– Pronunciation guide videos
– Games guide

New resources will be added every month and topic suggestions are most welcome. Go to www.lilollo.com/club to be the first to join!

Bilingual Kids Products Giveaway

**This giveaway is now closed**
To celebrate the launch of the Lil’ollo printable collection, Lil’ollo are giving away some fantastic products.

First Prize is a personalised map of the world


The second prize winner will receive a bundle of bilingual flashcards in the languages of your choice

The third prize winner will receive a bundle of printable materials in the languages of your choice including flashcards, and colour in pages.

Entering is easy: Simply answer the questions in the comments below:

How old are your children and which languages do they speak?
What is your favourite animal from the Lil’ollo collection?

Giveaway closes 4th December 2017.

Bilingual Printables



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