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The Magic Of My Name: A Sweet Personalised Book For Kids

Personalised Books for Kids - The Magic of my Name

Last Updated on June 29, 2018 by Bilingual Kidspot

Personalised Books For Kids: The Magic Of My Name

This kids book could possibly be the sweetest personalised book about your child! Embark them on the adventure of discovering the meaning of their name in the wonderful personalised book “The Magic Of My Name” from The Story Tailors. Available in different languages including English, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, and Dutch, your child will love to discover all about how exciting and magical their name is.

Personalised books are a fantastic way to involve your child in the story and get them to love reading. This personalised story book is not just about your child, but their name. We were lucky to be sent a copy for each of my children. We chose the English and Italian versions for double the fun as our children are bilingual. This way both my husband and I can each read the story in our native languages.


The story of “The Magic Of My Name”

This wonderful story book follows a child through a fantasy filled adventure discovering the meaning of his or her name.

They travel through the Egyptian desert, the green valleys, and the dark woods, and more while meeting different exciting characters all the way through that help them on their journey. With an engaging story line and bright and colourful illustrations, both of my boys get excited going through the letters that make up their names.



It makes a fantastic bedtime story for older children and we have read it over and over! I just love the acrostic poem with traits to describe your child with each letter.


With almost 50 pages, it is probably not something many toddlers will sit through as it is quite long, but they will grow into it. My five year old will sit easily read the whole book with me, while my 3 year old gets a little restless. However when he does, we just go through the pages quickly without reading every word and he enjoys it just the same.

The pages are quite thick and durable which is great. We have the hardcover version, which is fantastic, though there is a cheaper paperback version.

Creating and Viewing Your Child’s Personalised Book

The Magic Of My Name from The Story Tailors, is customised to your child’s name. You simply visit the Story Tailors website and complete the options. You fill out your child’s name, choose a boy or a girl, and select their hair colour. (except for red which is unfortunately not available. There are also different skin tones to choose from however all children have brown eyes.

One thing I love is the personalised dedication on the front page, you have a few lines to write a message for your little one.

Once you have made your story book online you can view the entire book, which is a great advantage, you get to read the whole story before you buy!

It is definitely a fantastic gift idea for kids. Whether it be for a newborn, birthday or Christmas gift, this personalised book is a lovely keepsake. Check out “The Magic of My Name” online here.

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Personalised Books for Kids - The Magic of my Name


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