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Click! London- A Bilingual book for kids exploring the sites of London

Bilingual Book for Kids: Click London Italian/Spanish/English

Last Updated on June 17, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

A Bilingual Book exploring the sites of London

Now children can explore London and it’s attractions from home in this fun bilingual book! “Click! London” is a bilingual picture book for children available in a number of different language combinations including English, Italian, and Spanish, with French, Portuguese, and other languages to come very soon. Feed your child’s curiosity and take them on an adventure with Alex and Layla as they explore the fast paced city of London.

Bilingual Books For Kids

Raising Bilingual Kids I am always looking for fun and exciting new children’s books to read.  Click London is a wonderful bilingual book designed with the text in both languages on the same page so can be read the same in either language.  What I love about this book is that not only can both my husband and I can read it to our children in English and Italian, but it also teaches my children about a new and exciting place, London!

We have a statue of Big Ben which I brought for my kids when I visited London the last time and they love it. They were super excited when we received a copy of this new book from Click The Bilingual Book which is what the story is based on.

Click! London

Click! London is a story book about two young children and their adventure through the big city . While Alex and Layla are visiting their grandparents they find an old box in the attic with some exciting treasures. When they find an old looking clock among it all,  they become curious to find out more about it. “Click” they go to London exploring the sites trying to find this amazing big clock. Crossing over Tower Bridge, through Piccadilly Circus and other attractions to the London Eye, until they finally arrive at Big Ben.

The clever story line is funny, adventurous and enjoyable for young children showing them a glimpse of the big city!


Who is this book for?

This bilingual story book is designed for children from 5-8 years old, but children a little younger and even a little older will still enjoy it.

One thing that I think is great, is that the font used within the book is dyslexie font, which is scientifically proved to improve the pace of reading with fewer errors and perfect for dyslexic readers.

My 5 year old absolutely loves this book and my 3 year old also enjoys it though even if he is a little younger. They both jump straight into the story as we are going on the adventure with Alex and Layla. Heads up… your children may be pestering you to take them into London if you haven’t been already!


Ordering your bilingual book

You can order your child a copy of Click! London from the Click The Bilingual Book Etsy Store. Bilingual Kidspot readers will receive a 20% discount when you use the code BIKIDSPOT20. Simply go to the website, click on the book and select your language combination. Then add to your cart and proceed to checkout.

Check out the Facebook Page for information on when new languages and new books will be released. The next “Click” bilingual book is already in the making and will be about another big city in Europe! If you have any questions you can email hello@clickbook.info.

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Bilingual Book for Kids: Click London Italian/Spanish/English

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