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40 Funny Questions To Ask Kids (Instead of How was your day?)


Last Updated on March 25, 2024 by Bilingual Kidspot

Fun Questions for Kids

Tired of asking your kids questions and getting a blank response? Try these funny questions for kids that are guaranteed a response! Kids love funny questions. Save the infographics on fun questions for kids to look at later.

Fun Questions instead of How was your day?

When my little boy runs up and greets me with a kiss and cuddle after pre-school, I am always tempted to ask “How was your day today?” or “How was school today?

In fact these were the questions I used to always ask him. However, I realised that the answers I was received were the same short responses every time. “Good”, or “Fine”. These type of questions don’t get kids talking.

“How was school today?” is a very open ended question, and pretty boring to be honest. Instead, I now ask a range of different funny questions, some which are actually really silly, that produce a reaction, and much more interesting and extensive answers.

These questions then encourage new and different questions, and our conversation goes on and on.

Here is a list of funny questions for kids I have used. The first list has simple, normal, easy questions for kids that make them actually think.

The second list has silly and funny questions for kids that sometimes don’t even actually make sense, but they seem to be get the questions with the best reactions and responses!

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Fun questions for kids about their day:

Some simple questions for kids to ask them about their day that will encourage them to talk.

1. What activity did you do today that was really fun?

2. Who/What made you really happy today?

3. Which book did the teacher read today? Was it interesting?

4. Was there anyone who was upset today?

5. Was there anyone smiling a lot in class today? Why?

6. Why were you laughing, did someone tell a funny joke?

7. What was for lunch today? Was there anything you didn’t like?

8. Did you learn any new songs in class today?

9. Who/What made you unhappy today?

10. Was there someone who was really nice to you today?

11. Did any of your friends draw something really cool?

12. Can you teach me something you learned at school?

13. Did you help a child in your class with something they needed?

14. Did someone help you with anything?

15. Who were you laughing with today?

16. Were you hot/cold today?

17. What was the most difficult thing you did today?

18. Were you proud of yourself today?

19. What was your favourite thing to do today?

20. Do you think something exciting will happen at school tomorrow?

Fun Questions to ask kids about their day

Funny Questions for kids about their day:

If you have no luck with the questions above, try some of the silly and funny questions on this list. These types of questions are quite provoking, and attention grabbing. They are not supposed to be serious, just to actually kids think and laugh, creating conversation.

21. Was your teacher dressed as Batman or Superman today?

22. Did you have mudpies for lunch? I bet they were delicious!

23. Why were all the kids jumping on the tables?

24. How many aliens in your class today? What do you mean no aliens?

25. Which little girl/boy fell asleep on the chair? (probably nobody but they will tell you that)

26. Did the monkeys come in and eat everyone’s lunch, or was it the gorilla?

27. Why was everyone wearing green hats today, was there a party?

27. Did someone hurt themselves today?

28. How many spaceships flew passed your school today?

29. Did you have fun with the Cat in the Hat balancing everything on the ball? Oh no, what was fun then?

30. Which superpower do you wish you had  at school today? Why?

31. What do you wish you could do ALL day at school?

32. Were you drawing on the walls today or the paper?

33. Which kids were running around the classroom today?

34. Did the volcano erupt while you were playing outside? How much lava was there?

35. Did you sing the song about the animals?

36. What’s that kid’s name, the one with the brown hair, your friend? Why was he so happy today?

37. What colour were the teachers shoes today?

38. Did you sing happy birthday to your friend today? Oh it wasn’t anyone’s birthday? What did you sing?

39. Did you see me fly passed the window today while you were working?

40. Who was the superhero in class today? Why what did they do?

Funny Questions to ask kids about their day

Funny Questions to Ask Kids

These are just some of the silly and funny questions for kids that I use every day to try and get my kids talking. Even if it is a silly conversation, it is better than a response such as “good” or “fine”.

Next time you pick your child up, rather than asking “How was your day?” or “How was school today?” Try a few of these fun questions to ask kids and see what a difference it makes!

There are so many ideas for questions to ask kids, if you are looking for more funny questions on different topics try these posts:

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Fun Questions for Kids that guarantee a response

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