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Personalized Bilingual Books For Kids – The Little Boy And The Dolphin


Personalized Bilingual Books For Kids – The Little Boy And The Dolphin

Does your child love being the star of the story? The little boy and the dolphin is a brand new multicultural, bilingual book for kids personalized with their name! My kids love personalized books because they love reading about themselves, but this personalized book is even better because it comes in bilingual. This means my boys are able to enjoy the story in more than one language.

We were sent two copies of the recently published bilingual book from Tim Tim Tom. We chose the English-Spanish version for my five year old who speaks Spanish quite well now, and the English-Italian version for my toddler. There are also many other language combinations to choose from including French, Chinese, Dutch, and German.

I love how the title of the book includes your child’s name, and you have the option of having their name written differently according to the languages you choose. So if you have a daughter called Sophie, in English it will be “Sophie and the Dolphin” in English and then in Italian “Sofia e il Delfino”. Your little boy or girl will love being the star of the story.


The Story of  The Little Boy and The Dolphin

This personalized bilingual book follows your child on an underwater adventure with a dolphin to save a sea turtle who is stuck in a net at the bottom of the ocean. Meeting all sorts of sea creatures along the way, your child becomes the hero and saves the day!

On one side of the page you can read language one, and on the other page you read language two. So which ever language parents speak, bedtime stories are made easy! It is also quite good for children learning to read as they can see the translation. (And good for parents learning their partner’s language!)


A Multicultural Kids Book

One fantastic and unique thing about this particular personalized book is that you can really make the character like your child which ever your cultural background. You can choose  a girl or a boy, and the color of their skin from the different shades available. You can then choose the eye shape and color and various different hair styles and colours. Whichever your child’s background, there is an option to make the character represent them.


Ordering Your Personalized Bilingual Book

To order your copy of this exciting personalized bilingual book, head to TimTimTom where you can create your book and view it before ordering.

Fill out the various options. Choose your two languages and insert your child’s name. Choose the look of your child, from skin colour to hair style and colour so it really looks like them in the story. Once you are done, add a personalized message and view your book, easy as that!

The book itself has a hard cover so is great for little ones. The illustrations are bright, colourful and engaging the whole way through.


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On behalf of TimTimTom, Bilingual Kidspot are giving away 2 copies of this fantastic personalized bilingual book.  Simply comment below for your chance to win.

What is “Dolphin” in your child’s languages?
What is the funniest language mix up you have heard them say?

In the meantime head over to TimTimTom to check out what your child’s book would look like. Tell your friends about this exciting personalized bilingual book for kids!

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  1. My little girl speaks Mandarin (and reads Traditional Chinese) and English. Dolphin is 海豚 (pronounced hai3 tun2). Since I don’t “dumb it down” when speaking to the kids just because they are young, it was funny and gratifying to hear my daughter use adult/professional version of “I’ll handle it/business!” (我處理!)when asserting her toddler independence.

  2. Goretti

    English: dolphin
    Spanish: Delfin

    My little one instead of saying cola-cao ( brand of chocolate drink in Spain) she says cok! And I have some people turning heads if in a middle of a restaurant and she says mummy I want cok! Lol!

  3. Delfin in Spanish
    Dolphin in English.

    My 3.5 year old is currently fluent in Spanglish

    Mira mami a red bus
    Mami porfa I need a leche
    Mami look Las nubes are raining

  4. Christine

    Spanish: Delphin
    Hebrew: Dolfeen
    English: Dolphin

    The funniest language mix up that I have heard my four-year-old daughter say is when she try’s to roll her “r” like in Spanish language for the English word “three.”

  5. Kiera

    My daughter speaks English and is learning German. Dolphin is Delfin in German, my daughter would go nuts for this book!

    My daughter loves picking up random words and after going to Mexico calls all chihuahuas ‘perro’ (dog in Spanish) and melts my heart. 🙂

  6. Valentina Bartoli

    Wow, it would be wonderful to win such a book! My daughter speaks both Italian and German, we are an Italian family currently living in Germany. Moreover, my daughter is crazy for dolphins, she has chosen her brand new schoolbag with a dolphin theme!
    Dolphin is Delfin in German, delfino in Italian.

    The funniest word my daughter said is “bauenazione”, a mix between “bau” (German) and “costruzione” (Italian), both meaning “building”.

  7. Yixin

    海豚 is ?In Chinese ( mandarin). The funniest thing I hear her saying all the time is to mix the two languages together, for example she’d say: I 饿了(e le) instead of I am hungry, she’d say Am hungry in Chinese but often stick with I, you, she in English. It’s funny as most adults when they mix mandarin and English, they use opposite strategy , they’d say I am in Chinese and hungry in English if that makes sense.

  8. Heloise

    We live in Italy, my children speak French and Italian. My 4 year old would love this book!
    Dolphin means dauphin in French and delfino in Italian.
    A funny thing my son says when he mixes languages is “maman mi chauffi il latte!”.

  9. Spanish: Delfín
    English: Dolfin
    My little guy is just 5 months old. I haven’t heard his first word yet!

  10. Danielle

    Dauphin. In French.

    Funniest mix up is when she uses a French word and conjugates a t in English. As in I want to go marcheing to school.

  11. Judith Arfa

    Hello, I would love win a German-Arabic version! (Me:German, Dad: Arabic) There are not many bilingual children’s books in Arabic, unfrotunately. Having one with BOTH languages would be just awesome.
    If not available, we use English as a third language, so that would be an option too 🙂

    What is “Dolphin” in your child’s languages?
    German: Delfin
    Arabic: دولْفين [dulfīn]
    English: dolphin 🙂

    What is the funniest language mix up you have heard them say?
    My child is very little and doesn’t talk too much, but he sometimes coins words which mean the same! such as “nam” for yes in Arabic and the “ja” in German becomes Namja! Our third language is English, since I don’t speak Arabic, so he comes up with “children garden” instead of kindergarten or “Good night Geschichte” for a bedtime story.

  12. Silvia

    This is such a lovely book I would love to have one for my baby girl She speaks both english -french ( in a langage of 2yo) She is also learning some word in english.
    I am a tropical Mother born in Costa Rica. Nature is very important for us!
    Dolphin for my baby girl sounds like” elf”
    Delfin in spanish
    Yesterday she wanted to say puerta but her grandma says porte au the same moment She end up by saying porta ?

  13. Vanessa Joorse

    Hello! What a great book. I would love to winn one i Spanish/Dutch as I am Dutch and my husband Spanish.

    Spanish: Delfin
    Dutch: Dolfijn

    My child mix the words ‘sokken’ and ‘calzetines’. She says ‘sokketines’.

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