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Personalized Books for Kids: The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His Name


Personalized Books for Kids

Jump straight into an adventure with these exciting personalized books for kids. The LOST MY NAME BOOKS – The Little Boy Who Lost His Name and The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name – are fun filled customized story books that come in English plus a whole range of other different languages making them perfect for bilingual kids.

Personalized books for kids are a favourite of mine because I find that children get so excited when they hear that the book is about them. If you haven’t already, check out another review I did for “The Incredible Intergelactic Journey Home

This particular personalized children’s book has a bit of a twist though, as the book isn’t just about your child, it is about your child’s name.

I have two little boys, and we received two copies of “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name”, from WONDERBLY to review. A copy in Italian and a copy in English.

The stories are different because the letters of each of their names are different, which makes it even more exciting. They have been a great addition to our multilingual library and they make the perfect gifts too.

Lost My Name Books

The Story of The “Lost My Name” Books

This personalized story “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name” follows a little boy who wakes up to find that his name, which had been stuck on his door the night before, has vanished. He sets out on a magical adventure to find his name, meeting various characters and creatures along the way.

Each of the characters generously helps the little boy, giving him one letter of their name so that he can find his own. So, for example if your little boy’s name is Jack, he might meet a Jaguar, an alligator, a chameleon, and a koala. Or if you have a little girl called Bella, she might meet a bear, an elk, a lion, a lobster, and an angel. Some characters are different depending on the language of the book.

The illustrations are bright and colourful on each page. The story is cleverly created in rhyme and my kids find it very engaging in both languages. I also find it fun to read.



Making Your Personalized Kids’s Book

There are two versions of the personalized book for kids depending on the sex of your child.

“The Little Boy Who Lost His Name”
“The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name”. 

And the great thing is that you get to see your completed book before you order so you know exactly what you are getting when it arrives.

The process of choosing and ordering the book is interactive from the start. You simply visit the Wonderbly website and fill in the blanks. First you fill in your child’s name, and the language you would like the book to come in.

At present, “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name” comes in 12 languages.

Website preview: Making your personalized book

When you have completed the name and language, you select either the girl or boy version of the book and choose the hair colour of your child to really personalize the book even more.

You can also add your own personalized message if you like, but I loved the one they had set so we stuck with this one:

We meet a lot of magical and wonderful creatures throughout our lives.
These are just the first. We hope you meet a whole lot more.

Viewing your personalized book

The next process is viewing your book online and confirming the characters.  There is more than one for most letters so you can choose which you prefer. This also ensures that if your child has two of the same letter they don’t repeat. Once you have finished you can proceed to order.

Books are A4 Landscape size with high quality paper and beautiful illustrations. Each book is made personally for your child so it takes a few days to produce and print. They are quite quick to post though, ours arrived within a week.

Lost My Name Books – Wonderbly

Do the Lost My Name books sound good to you? These personalized books make the perfect gift for any child. For more information check out their WEBSITE HERE.

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  1. Hannah Karpinski

    Deilf is dolphin in Scottish Gaelic. 

    My four year old often switches between English and Gaelic during the song ‘Old MacDonald’, but now adds a bit of Spanish animal names after a recent trip to Spain!

  2. Lana

    Hello and thanks for this opportunity.
    My little one speaks English and Italian. I have loved her name since I was a little girl and I was lucky that my husband loves it too as it is also a shorter version of his mother’s name who passed away before our daughter was born. It is an unusual name which can work in most languages.

  3. Darren (omnilinguist)

    Hi, my name is Darren.
    My son, Alexander, speaks English and some Polish.
    My wife, who is from Poland, and I chose the name because it is the same in both English and Polish (Aleksander in Polish).

  4. Anastasia Fatourou

    Hello! My daughter speaks Greek and Spanish. We chose this name so we will always remember our beloved friend Elena who passed away 3 years ago.

  5. Hello! My daughter speaks Spanish, German and learns English. We picked her name because we love it and it’s similar to pronounce in German and Spanish.

  6. Dana Gale Robles

    Hi! My name is Dana.
    My little one will speak English, Tagalog (a Philippine dialect), and I want her to learn the French language.
    My soon to be born daughter (I am due to give birth a week from now) will be nicknamed Sophie (she has 3 names!) because it means wisdom and I love that name after I read Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder way back in college.

  7. Brenda

    My boy speaks Spanish and he is learning English and Hebrew. His name is Yisrael, just like his daddy but with a Y first.

  8. Steven

    Hi! My daughter Isabela speaks English and Brazilian Portuguese. We chose her name so that it would be easy to pronounce and spell in both languages. We also made her middle name my wife’s maiden name so that her full name is the same in the US and Brazil.

  9. Hi! I am Erika and my girl speaks English and Spanish. We picked her name because we loved it and it worked well in both languages!

  10. Ashleigh

    My daughter speaks French and we chose her name from the credits of a French video game we completed the day we found out we were expecting her

  11. Krzysztof

    Good evening! 🙂

    My name is Krzysztof. Our daughter is learning german and polish. We would like to extend the language spectrum for her. Therefor we consider spanish or english.
    My daughter’s name is Mercedes – after bride elect of Monte Cristo and actually it is in line with spanish language. We liked this name “at first sight” 🙂


  12. Rashmi

    My name is Rashmi. My son ‘Ekansh’ speaks English, Hindi and Deutsche.
    His name is a complex Hindi word which means ‘complete in him/her self’ . In simple words ‘whole ‘.
    Thanks for a grt website

  13. Jacquelyn

    I’m Jacquelyn, and my daughters speak English & Spanish. We chose our daughters’ names because we loved them, and also so they could share the same initials/monograms. 🙂

  14. Mara

    My daughter is learning Spanish and English. Her name is Lidia after her grandmother, and it’s spelled with an i because that’s how her great-great grandmother spelled it. It’s a unique way for us to keep the family tradition of naming your first daughter after their grandmother.

  15. Roxana

    My name is Roxana! My children speak English and Spanish. When my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family we went to a local bookstore and made a list of all the boy and girl names we liked that we found in baby name books.☺️

  16. Malihe

    My name is malihe ,
    And my daughter speak English an Persian.
    Thank you for your great website.

  17. Arijana Cehajic

    My name is Arijana
    My daughter is learning English, French and Bosnian
    My daughters name is Isabel – we liked the sound of it and chose the phoenetic spelling over the common French spelling (Isabelle).

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