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Last Updated on August 3, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

Spanish Cartoons for Kids

A list of fun Spanish Cartoons for kids that are also educational. These cartoons in Spanish can be found on Youtube and some on Netflix

Spanish cartoons have been such a great resource for my kids since they started learning to speak Spanish. Neither my husband nor I speak Spanish ourselves, and our children’s exposure is limited to just a few hours per week, so we have had to look for outside resources.

We use Spanish apps, flash cards, lots of different games and activities to help us, but fun Spanish cartoons have also been a great way to give our kids that little extra exposure to the Spanish language too. Here are some of our favourite cartoons in Spanish that can be found on Youtube. Some can also be found on Netflix too.

Our Favourite Kids Cartoons in Spanish



Minimalitos is a colourful and fun Spanish cartoon for kids based on little animal friends who go to kindergarten together. They play, sing, and learn and have fun together. Episodes are on the Argentinian Paka Paka channel which also includes other Spanish cartoons.

Minimalitos can be found on Youtube by searching “Minimalitos en español” for Spanish, and “Minimalitos en Latino” for Latin America. You can also find Spanish episodes with English subtitles.

Mini Einstein’s


We love the Mini Einsteins. This fun kids cartoon actually comes in many languages, but is one of their favourite cartoons in Spanish.  Four little explorers go on world-wide missions with their rocket ship. Kids learn about geography and different cultures, as well as classic music and famous art.

Mini Einstein’s can be found on Youtube by searching “Mini Einstein’s en español” for Spanish, and Mini Einstein’s en latino” for Latin American



Another Spanish cartoon from the Paka Paka Chanel. This kids cartoon is based on Felipe, a real life boy who travels inside a prehistoric video game where he lives with dinosaurs.

Dinopaka can be found in Spanish on Youtube by searching “Dinopaka”



Pocoyo is a British / Spanish cartoon for kids about a curious little boy and his friends who love to explore. It is a very simple but fun kids cartoon which is narrated using easy language, so very easy to follow. Episodes are quite short and aimed at toddlers or younger children.

Pocoyo can be found on Youtube by searching “Pocoyo en español for Spanish, and “Pocoyo en latino” Spanish for Latin American.

Dora La Exploradora


Probably one of the most well known Spanish cartoons for kids is Dora The Explorer. Aimed at pre-school kids it is a fun and interactive cartoon about a little girl named Dora who goes on adventures with her friend Boots (Botas) the monkey. Each fun filled episode is a new mission to find someone or something. The Spanish version of the cartoon helps kids to learn English. The English version helps kids to learn Spanish. My kids watch the cartoon in Spanish as I feel it is more effective for their language exposure.

Dora La Exploradora can be found on Youtube by searching “Dora La Exploradora en español” for Spanish, and “Dora La Exploradora en Latino” for Latin America. You can also find episodes with English subtitles.

PJ Masks


If your kids love superheros then they will love this exciting kids cartoon in Spanish. PJ Masks is an animated cartoon about three best friends who are normal kids during the day, and then turn into 3 superheros at night. Follow the adventures of Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko solving mysteries and fighting crime, saving the day.

Originally American/French you can find PJ Masks in many languages on Youtube. Search “PJ Masks en español” for Spanish, and “PJ Masks en latino” for Latin American

Los Octonautas


This fun kids cartoon in Spanish is about Captain Barnacles and his ocean crew who go on adventures and save the day when they find trouble. Working together, they play hero’s protecting the environment, and their habitat under the ocean. We love the Octonauts in English, and my son recently started watching the cartoon in Spanish.

You can find Los Octonautas on Youtube by searching Los Octonautas, or Octonauts en español for Spanish (Spain)

Spanish Shows on Netflix for Kids
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Spanish Cartoons for Kids

If you have a little one learning Spanish, this is a great list of fun kids cartoons they will enjoy. Remember though that you should limit the amount of screen time your child has depending on their age. While Spanish cartoons are a great way to help your child to learn or improve their language skills, children shouldn’t be watching too many episodes daily. You can find more information on screen time recommendations here.

Do you have any other fun Spanish cartoons for kids that you can recommend? Please let us know. While you are here why not check out our other Spanish language resources on our extensive language resource post with over 15 languages!

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