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Lil’ollo Bilingual Products for Kids Learning Languages


Last Updated on April 17, 2024 by Bilingual Kidspot

Lil’ollo Bilingual Products for Kids Learning Languages

Personalised world maps, wall posters, bilingual flashcards, games, and a whole lot of fun for bilingual kids and little language learners. These gorgeous bilingual products from Lil’ollo are bright, colourful and cleverly designed to make learning languages fun for any age.

I had been following Lil’ollo on Instagram for a little while before I became in contact with Alex, the founder, and learned more about her company and these gorgeous designs. Alex and I have a lot in common. We are both English native speakers, married to an Italian, and raising our kids to speak English, Italian, and Spanish. Coincidence I know. We also both have a passion for raising bilingual kids!

Alex generously sent me some samples of the Lil’ollo products for my children. They have been a great addition to our language learning materials, and we are having a lot of fun with them! Here is a little about Lil’ollo and what they have to offer.

Personalised World Map for Kids

One of my favourite products from the Lil’ollo range is our personalised world map. It is a lovely addition to the playroom and a great way to teach our kids about the world and their heritage.

Kids can see exactly where they were born as well as their family members. Learning about the world and other cultures is important to us, it is a great conversation starter and gets my kids talking. Italy and Australia are so far from each other, and now our kids can visualise exactly where their family members are from.

You can choose how many family members you want to add and mention the town and country they were born in.

Our personalised world map with my boys family heritage

Bilingual Wall Posters

These colourful posters come in several different designs including shapes, coloursnumbers, and body parts in the languages of your choice.  You can put them in a frame, stick them on the wall, or play with them actively on the floor like we do, matching the objects to the pictures. They also make a fantastic gift idea!

lil'ollo-bilingual-poster-numbers Lil'ollo-bilingual-poster-shapes lil'ollo-bilingual-kids-poster-body-partslil'ollo-bilingual-posters-numbers

Bilingual Flashcards

Flashcards sometimes have a reputation of being “too educational”. But actually they are so much fun when used creatively.

I particularly love the Lil’ollo range because they are larger than normal cards, and quite ridged which means they are easier for little hands to hold and more difficult to be bend. Also, my toddler has put his grubby little hands on them a few times and I have been able to easily wash them with a damp cloth without ruining them.

The packaging for these bilingual flashcards is so cleverly designed, and very cute too. Rather than the typical cardboard box that may tear over time, they come in an adorable drawstring bags that your child can carry around.

These Bilingual Flashcards come in Shapes, Animals, Numbers, and Colours

There are many different language combinations to choose from including English with Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Polish and Welsh. There are more languages combinations on the way, and they do have a fantastic alternative if your language isn’t yet available.

Lil’ollo have cleverly came up with the idea of printing one language on the card and leaving a blank space so that you can fill the second language in yourself. This way they are suited for any bilingual family even for languages that are hard to find resources.

With bright colours and funky designs, there is something new and different to play with them every day.

Lil’ollo have a games guide on their website for ideas on how to use their Flashcards. You can also read my post on Easy activities using Flashcards for Bilingual Kids to see how we have fun with our bilingual flashcards daily.

Bilingual Memory Cards

Bilingual Animal Memory Cards with a cute drawstring bag

The Lilo’ollo bilingual memory cards are slightly smaller than the regular flashcards which make them easier to play memory. With colourful animals printed on each card, each pair has the animal name in the languages of your choice, one language on each matching card. I have been playing these with my little ones in Italian and also Spanish, an love both versions.

Other Fun Bilingual Materials from Lil’ollo


For kids who love to get creative, Lil’ollo bring languages to life with colouring pages, puzzles, wall art, greeting cards and more. There is so much fun to have with Lil’ollo and I highly recommend their products for all bilingual kids and little language learners! You can find everything on the Lil’ollo website, or follow for updates on Facebook and Instagram.

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