Teach Kids Italian! Language Resources for Little Learners

Resources and materials to help teach kids Italian. Whether you have a child learning Italian or would like to introduce the Italian language, you can find a variety of resources and materials no matter where you live. Below are useful Italian resources for kids to help teach kids Italian.


Italian Learning Websites for Kids

Muzzybbc.com – An interactive language learning program for children produced by the BBC to help teach kids Italian.

Theitalianexperiment.com – Popular fairy tales translated into Italian, Italian lessons, and course reviews. Your children can listen to Italian stories online.

Kidslearnitalian.com –  Materials and resources that you can download to help teach kids Italian.

Chillola.com – Basic vocabulary activities for kids to help them learn Italian.

Helloworld.com –  A language learning website offering lots of free activities and games for kids learning Italian.

Where to buy Italian story books, activity books & other materials

LiscianiGroup.com: Carotina Educational games and activities for kids..  They have the main Italian site, and you can also find their products on Amazon.

Teachingchildrenitalian.com – Italian activity books for school and home use. PDF downloads or worldwide shipping. Vocabulary posters. Many resources to teach kids Italian.

The Book Depository – An online bookstore offering Italian books and bilingual books with free delivery worldwide. Much cheaper than buying in store.

LittleLinguist.co.uk– Online bookstore selling Italian activity books, dictionaries, story books, bilingual books, flashcards, posters and more. Based in the UK, worldwide shipping.

ItalianChildrensMarket.com – Online store selling materials to teach kids Italian including books, toys, clothing and other cute little extras. US based but they sell worldwide.

Lilollo.co.uk – Online store selling Italian kids materials including bilingual flashcards, memory cards, alphabet posters, vocabulary posters and more.

Lostmyname – A personalized story book packed full of adventure for little boys and girls based on their name. “Dovè finito il mio nome?” is one of my kid’s favourites!


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Italian songs and nursery rhymes for kids

Canzoncine per bambini – The most popular Italian songs for kids as well as favourites such as Old Mc Donald, Five Little Ducks, and Ring a Ring a Rosie in the Italian versions.

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Italian Cartoons


Many Italian cartoons have been translated from English or another language. However there are some original cartoons that kids love. See this post for the full list: Italian Cartoons.

Italian Language Learning Apps for Kids

You can find a big list on this post: Language Learning Apps for Kids, many of these include Italian.

Gus on The Go – Kids can learn basic Italian through fun games, activities, and stories.

Mind Snacks – Kids learn to speak and read Italian through a series of mini games.

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Recommended Italian Books and Materials on Amazon

Carotina Products – Educational games and activities helping to speak, read, and write
Picture Dictionary
Fun Flashcards
Explore Italy and it’s regions
Toddler book First 100 words  – Bilingual English/Italian
Bilingual board Books – For toddlers. These come in shapes, opposites, colours and more.
Topo Tip Series – By Marco Campanella for toddlers and younger children

-For older children: Bianca Pitzorno is a famous Italian author of Children’s books for ages 7-11yrs old.

-For younger children: Julia Donaldson and Eric Carle are authors of popular children’s books in English. Their books translate very well into Italian. We have both Italian and English versions of many of their books and they are some of my kids favourites.

This is an extensive list of resources to help teach kids Italian, however we are always looking to add more. Do you know of any other Italian materials or resources for kids that you can recommend? If so please contact us to let us know and we will be happy to add them to the list! If you are looking for multilingual materials and resources, or for other specific languages see our main Language Resources Page where you will find lots of other useful information!