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Video: Multi-Language “Let It Go” In 25 Languages


Last Updated on May 30, 2017 by Bilingual Kidspot

Multi-Language “Let it go in 25 Languages”

For all the little bilingual or multilingual Frozen fans out there, here is the multi-language version of the famous hit “Let it Go”.  Frozen, first released back in 2013 is still one of the most popular Disney kid’s movies to hit the screens. I have two boys who absolutely adore the movie and love the song. They have fallen in love with this multi-language version of “Let it go”.

The first version is of the cartoon, while below you can see behind the scenes and see who the singers really are. With the name of each country and language in subtitles, you can hear parts of “Let it Go” in 25 languages!

“Let It Go” – Multi-Language

25 Languages with subtitles naming each language.

“Let It Go” Multi-Language – Behind The Scenes

This video takes you through the 25 languages showing you the faces of the singers behind the famous song.

The movie Frozen has been dubbed into 46 languages world wide. While the songs may not translate word for word the meanings still seem to be the same. Many Disney movies have been released since Frozen, however it still continues to be popular with children around the world. “Let it go” is driving parents mad around the world on re-play! Play the multi-language version for a change.

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Photo Credit: Disney


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