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Whistlefritz Spanish Language Learning Program for Kids

Whistlefritz kids spanish language learning programs

Kids Learn Spanish with Whistlefritz

Learn Spanish for Kids! Introducing a new language to your children can be quite a task if you don’t speak the language yourself. Parents need to rely on outside resources, and it can be sometimes difficult to find those that are effective.  Whistlefritz videos help to teach kids Spanish and French.

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Whistlefritz were kind enough to send me a sample of their Spanish language learning program to try out with my children. We have the “Delux Spanish Collection”,

I am always on the lookout for new and useful language resources for my children who are currently learning Spanish as a third language and this has been a great addition.

My kids have been watching the Whistlefritz Spanish language learning program every day since we received it, and I have found the dvd’s a fantastic resource to help improve the minority language in our household.

Whistlefritz spanish language learning resource for kids - bilingual kidspot

Whistlefritz Spanish Language Learning program: dvd’s and cd’s

Who are Whistlefritz

Whistlefritz are an award winning company with language learning programs developed by experienced educators.  Their immersion dvd’s, which come in Spanish and French, are cleverly designed to incorporate fun and education, inspiring young children to want to learn a language. Their programs are aimed at kids from 2-7 years old, but I am sure even older children can benefit from them.

How do the programs work?

The Whitzelfritz teach kids Spanish through immersion. Their Spanish dvd’s introduce Maria, who is the happy and bubbly narrator, and her friend Fritzi the mouse. In each episode, new vocabulary is introduced in a fun and interesting way. Things such as animals, colours, numbers, seasons, toys, parts of the body, fruit and vegetables, and much more.

With a mix between engaging animation, and lots of real life action and traditional latino music, the programs also include children who help answer Maria’s questions, demonstrate the actions, and join in with the singing and dancing to the catchy songs.

whistlefritz spanish language learning dvd's for kids

Learning the seasons with Maria

whistlefritz kids spanish language learning dvd's

Fritzi sleeping before the birthday party

whistlefritz kids spanish language learning dvd's

Real life children help during the episodes

whistlefritz kids spanish language learning dvd's

Rito teaching the colours of the balloons




Full immersion using only one language

Watching the Whistlefritze dvd’s, children are introduced to the Spanish language through full immersion hearing only Spanish throughout the program. Where many programs use both languages, (for example speaking in English to “teach” Spanish), Whistlefritz use only Spanish, and everyone speaks in full proper sentences as in real life.

One may think that children will become confused, not being able to understand what is happening in the episode. However, being fully immersed in the language is one of the easiest and quickest ways to learn.

These programs are created in such a way that engages children even if they are complete beginners.

Using fun colourful images, plenty of repetition, and emphasis on important words, children associate words with objects or feelings without the need to translate.

In my own experience, this is a much more effective language learning method than constantly switching between languages.

The Spanish teaching episodes run for around 20 minutes so they are within the screen time guidelines for young children. My eldest is 4.5yrs old. He already understands and speaks some Spanish and watches and laughs throughout the episodes. He loves Fritzi! My 2.5yr old however, is a complete beginner. He still watches completely engaged repeating the words that he hears. They both enjoy singing and dancing along to the music.

Though I’m not Spanish speaker, I am able to understand what is going on throughout the episodes, and I am actually learning some Spanish vocabulary myself!

Whistlefritz Memory Matching Cards

whistlefritze spanish learning memory matching cards for kids

The memory cards in the pack are a great addition to the Spanish programs which help kids learn Spanish. My kids love playing memory so they complement their Spanish language learning well.

There are fifty cards containing different Spanish verbs, accompanied by a creative illustration of the activity. For example read, write, sleep, kick, brush your teeth, wash your hands etc.

They make language learning fun while also improving your child’s concentration and memory. My son has started reading in Spanish thanks to these cards.

Learn Spanish for Kids!

If you looking to give your child an introduction to a new language, these Spanish language learning programs are a great way for them to learn without realising it. With these fun filled episodes, kids will love to get to know Maria and Fritzi, and join in the fun with all of their friends while learning Spanish!

For more information on the Whistlefrtiz language learning products you can visit their website here. 

Whistlefritz Kids Spanish Language learning Programs


  1. Jeyvin

    I am bilingual. I am a teacher and I have been teaching my preschool class Spanish but right now I am stuck. Is there an app that is useful and easy?

  2. Sounds like a great learning tool while at the same time being fun!

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