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Top 10 English Kids Cartoons that are Educational AND Fun

English Cartoons for Kids that are Educational AND Fun

Last Updated on February 15, 2022 by Bilingual Kidspot

Best Educational Cartoons for Kids

A list of the best educational cartoons for kids in English that kids will love to watch.

Most parents are looking for educational cartoons in English that are both fun and have a learning element.

But with the huge variety of kids cartoons available these days, it is hard to decide which are the best for your child to watch.

There are some kids cartoons that have been linked to bad behaviour and attention problems in children. So it is important that you do let your children watch cartoons, you know what they are watching, and that the cartoon is ok for them to watch.

Here is a list of English kids cartoons for kids that are educational and fun.

They will not only keep your child entertained, but they will learn a thing or two in the meantime.

1. Little Einstein’s


Four little explorers go on world wide missions with their rocket ship. Each episode is a different mission somewhere in the world where children learn about geography and culture. This educational cartoon for kids also includes classic music and famous art.

The Little Einstein’s is an American English cartoon that you can find free on Youtube

2. Blues Clues

Blue’s Clues is a childhood favourite of many. The show follows an animated blue-spotted dog named Blue who leaves a trail of paw prints which are clues so that the host and viewers can try to guess her plans for the day. 

You can find many episodes of Blaze on Youtube in American English.

3. Blaze and the Monster Machines

An educational cartoon for kids about group of nine friendly trucks, who all have different abilities. Each episode is fun, interactive and filled with educational opportunities for kids to learn.

The cartoon focuses on learning about STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) so when your child is watching Blaze, at least they will be learning something worthwhile.

Blaze  and the Monster Machines is an American English Cartoon you can find on Youtube.

4. Dinosaur Train

Dinosaurs climb abroad a train to embark on an adventure through prehistoric jungles and swamps, visiting volcanoes and other parts of mother nature.

In this educational kids cartoon, children not only learn about the different types of dinosaurs and trains, but also about natural history and palaeontology. This exciting and fun cartoon for kids encourages basic scientific thinking skills.

Dinosaur Train is an American English cartoon that you can find on Youtube

5. Octonauts

Captain Barnacles and his eight member adventure team love to save the day when there is trouble in the ocean.

These little hero’s work together to protect habitats under the ocean and on the shore. In this fun kids cartoon, children learn about sea life and how to protect the environment.

Octonauts is a British English cartoon available on Youtube

6. Sid the Science Kid

Based on a young inquisitive kid named Sid and his group of school friends, this kid’s cartoon uses children’s natural curiosity to introduce science into every day life.

Each episode of this educational kids cartoon explores the every day questions that children have, and encourages them to think, and work like scientists do to work out the answers.

Sid the Science Kid is an American English cartoon you can find on Youtube.

7. Word World

This is a cartoon for kids where words come alive. With a narrator and animal characters, the simple storylines creatively contain the use of letters and words all through out the episode. Children will learn letter recognition as well as the sounds and spelling.

World Word is an American English cartoon you can find on Youtube.

8. Paw Patrol

The Paw Patrol are a group of rescue pups led by a little boy Ryder who love to “save the day”. Each dog is from a different breed and has a special skill based on a real life profession. Eg. Chase is a German Shepherd who acts like a police officer, Rubble is a construction Bulldog, and Zuma is a Labrador water rescuer.

In this fun cartoon for kids, these characters protect the community by working together to solve any problems that arise. Children learn about problem solving, and teamwork.

Paw Patrol is a Canadian English cartoon you can find on Youtube.

9. Super Why

Super readers to the rescue! Whyatt, Red Riding Hood, Princess Pea and Super Readers Pig, are the characters in the re-telling of popular fairytales.

They jump into books to solve all the problems of the fairy tale characters living in Story Book village. In this fun kids cartoon, children learn real life lessons such as being kind, telling the truth, and being yourself.

Super Why is an American English cartoon you can find on Youtube.

10. Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is an American kids cartoon series about a 7 year old girl named Dora (a latino girl) and her monkey Boots, who love to go on adventures.

Each episodes features different events and puzzles that need to be solved along their travels. The audience is encouraged to get involved and help solve the clues.

You can find Dora the Explorer on Youtube in American English.

Kids Educational Cartoons

Hopefully this list of educational cartoons for kids has given you some ideas of cartoons your children can watch. These English cartoons are great for native English speakers, but most are also fine for kids learning English as a second language too.

This is a great list of fun kids cartoons for kids, however you should also limit the amount of screen time your child has depending on their age.

Even if these kids cartoons are educational, children shouldn’t be watching them all day. You can find the screen time guidelines here.

If you know any other fun and educational cartoons for kids in English that you find entertaining and fun, please let us know and we can check them out.

Looking for English resources, check out our Teach Kids English post. Take a look at some popular English books for kids. Or if your child is learning Spanish, we have  also have a list of Spanish Cartoons too.

English Cartoons Kids Educational Fun

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