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Top 10 Posts on Bilingual Kidspot in 2016

Top 10 Posts for 2016 Raising Bilingual Kids -Bilingual Kidspot

Top Posts on Bilingual Kidspot in 2016

We are about to finish the year of 2016 so I thought I would put together the Top posts of 2016 on Bilingual Kidspot just encase you have missed them!

10. How you can Create the Need for the Minority Language

creating the need for the minority language

9. 10 Things you Need to Raise a Bilingual Child

10 things you need to raise a bilingual child

8.Why your Child won’t speak your language, and tips to encourage themWhy Your Child Won't Speak Your Language - Tips to Encourage Them

7. How to Raise a Bilingual Child – Choose your MethodRaising bilingual child, bilingual kids, methods

6. The Power of Conversation in Language Development

power conversation in language development young children

5. OPOL Method – One Person One Language

Opol Method, One Person One Language

4. Bilingual Children and Language Developmentbilingual children and language development. Expert advice from a speech therapist


3. How One Family Speak Four Languages on a Daily Basis

one multilingual family speaks four languages daily basis

2. 8 Mistakes Parents Make when Raising Bilingual Children

Mistakes Parents Make Raising Bilingual Children

1.Raising a Bilingual Child the Montessori Way

bilingual multilingual child montessori way - bilingual kidspot

So that tops it off, the Top 10 posts of 2016 on Bilingual Kidspot about Raising Bilingual Kids!

This year has flown by for me. Watching my children along their language journey has made me so proud of them.

My four and a half year old (J4) is speaking English and Italian fluently, both to a native level. He is also starting to read simple sentences and sound out words in both languages. His Spanish is also coming along well, he is now able to speak conversations.

My two and a half year old (K4) has taken off in these past few months and is chatting away really well. His Italian is quite fluent (for his age) and slightly better than his English which is understandable as English is the minority language. He is able to count and sing songs also in Spanish.

We are looking forward to continuing in the new year, and I am so excited to see how much they will improve.

See you in 2017! Have a Happy New Year 🙂

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