Learn Spanish For Kids – Spanish Learning Materials and Resources

Learn Spanish for Kids: A list of Spanish language learning materials and resources for children learning the Spanish language. Whether you want your child to learn basic Spanish, or are raising your child bilingual with Spanish and a second language, this list should get you started.

Why Kids Should Learn Spanish

There are numerous reasons kids should learn Spanish. Not just that Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world but it is a language where there are endless resources available. If you don’t have anywhere local where you can purchase Spanish language learning materials, don’t stress because you can find a variety of websites online to help teach kids Spanish which I have listed below.

Keep your eye on this space because I will be adding new Spanish resources frequently!

Websites and Blogs to Teach Your Child Spanish

These fantastic Spanish learning websites and blogs contain resources and materials to help your child learn Spanish. They include lots of Spanish and bilingual worksheets, and printable Spanish and bilingual materials to help your little one on their language learning journey.

Spanish playground spanish resources for children bilingual kidspotSpanish Playground shares language resources for teaching children Spanish, with an emphasis on communicative instruction. You will find songs, games, activities and printable materials for Spanish learners, and also native speakers. See website here.

mundo de pepita spanish resources for childrenMundo de Pepita features a series of printable resources for teaching children Spanish. You will find mini books, activity packs, games, and more. Resources are contextualised for maximum language acquisition. They integrate high frequency vocabulary in each story line and activity, and meet ACTFL standards. Lesson plans and ideas come with products to support the educator. See website here.

spanish language resources children bilingual kids

For the Love of Spanish offers fun ideas for learning Spanish at home or in the classroom through play, literature, games, art and more. You can also find support for the high school classroom and free printable materials and worksheets. See website here.

mommy maestra spanish language learning resources bilingual kidspotMommy Maestra is a site for Latino parents who home school or want to be more involved in their children’s education. You will find Spanish resources and materials for bilingual educators, and families with children in dual language immersion. Readers will also find resources for bilingual homeschoolers, such as a Master List of Spanish Curricula and reviews of Spanish-learning programs. See website here.

Spanish Language Learning Apps for Kids

Check out this list of language learning apps for kids. Many of these apps included are to help teach kids Spanish. Even if your child doesn’t speak any Spanish at all, a language learning app is a great way to introduce the Spanish in a fun way.


Spanish Cartoons for Kids

Kids will love these Spanish cartoons. Although they won’t teach your child Spanish, if they can’t speak any Spanish at all, once your child has learned at least the basics of the Spanish language, the cartoons can provide more exposure.


Do you know of any another resources to help kids learn Spanish? Please let us know. We are always looking for great Spanish language learning resources to add to help teach kids Spanish!

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