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Best Resources for Kids Learning Spanish

Spanish Language Learning Resources for Children

Last Updated on October 12, 2020 by Bilingual Kidspot

Best Resources for Kids Learning Spanish

A list of Spanish learning resources and materials for kids learning Spanish. Includes booklists, language apps, songs, movies, online lessons, printables and more. Whether you want your child to learn basic Spanish, or are raising your child bilingual with Spanish and a second language, this list of Spanish resources should get you started.

Online Spanish Lessons for Kids

Learn Spanish For Kids

Learn Spanish For Kids : Bilingual Kidspot have a Spanish learning series which is perfect for kids learning Spanish. It includes mini Spanish lessons for kids with FREE printables to enjoy. Teach kids Spanish and learn Spanish online with your kids without spending a cent! You can check out the Spanish Starter Kit, and there are some great lessons on learning Spanish Numbers, Spanish Greetings and much more.

Whistlefritz Lesson Plans for Kids: 40 Spanish language lessons for young kids to learn Spanish. They also have a video collection as well which is perfect for preschoolers (See our review here).

Spanish Youtube Channels: For all ages and levels, perfect for kids learning Spanish.

Spanish Books For Kids

Spanish Books For Kids Habbi Habbi

Habbi Habbi Spanish Books with Reading Wand: For kids learning Spanish, this is a beautiful range of bilingual Spanish books with a reading wand that produces sound from a native speaker. (See our review here)

Spanish Books for Babies and Toddlers : This is a list of 25 Spanish hard cover books for younger kids. Includes some vocabulary books and also some Spanish story books.

Spanish Books For Kids : Includes an extensive book list for children of all ages. This Spanish book list includes books for babies and toddlers, story books for young and older kids, and novels for teenagers.

Online Spanish Books for Kids: A list of sites where you can read Spanish books online. Most of them are free and some come with a fee. Many of them also include audio options too.

One Third Stories also have some really fun books aimed for kids learning Spanish. The stories start in English and finish in Spanish. These are great for introducing the Spanish language to kids. (See our review here) 

Chameleon Reader: Make any book on your bookshelf a Spanish book. This reading pen allows you to record your voice or download audio to read any book you already own.

Spanish Learning Books: Spanish Learning books and text books for kids to learn Spanish at home.

Spanish Toys for Kids

Spanish Toys for Kids: Spanish toys and bilingual toys you can find online.

Spanish Apps for Kids

Best Spanish Apps for Kids : some of these Spanish apps are aimed at native Spanish speakers, and some of them are for kids who are starting to learn Spanish.

Spanish Songs for Kids

Spanish Nursery Rhymes : A list that includes lyrics in Spanish and English

Spanish Songs for Kids: A list of Spanish songs which are family friendly that you can play around the house.

Spanish Lullabies: A list of Spanish baby songs to sing to your little ones including lyrics.

Spanish Color Songs: Songs and videos to learn the colors in Spanish.

Spanish Alphabet Songs: Songs and videos to learn the alphabet in Spanish.

Spanish Cartoons for Kids

Spanish cartoons. Although they won’t teach your child Spanish, if they can’t speak any Spanish at all, once your child has learned at least the basics of the Spanish language, the cartoons can provide more exposure.

Spanish Games for Kids

Spanish Games for Kids: A list of fun games and board games to play in Spanish with your kids.

Spanish Jokes for Kids: A list of fun Spanish jokes to get the kids laughing. Includes English translations too.

Spanish Writing Prompts: A great resource for getting kids to write in Spanish.

Spanish Resources for Kids

If you have kids learning Spanish, these Spanish learning resources are a great way to further their language skills. Let us know if you have any other Spanish resources for kids!

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